The legacy of the Great War : peacemaking, 1919


The legacy of the Great War : peacemaking, 1919

edited by William R. Keylor

(Problems in European civilization)

Houghton Mifflin, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 255-259)



This volume in the Problems in European Civilization series is a collection of scholarly essays and primary sources focusing on the legacy of World War I. For courses on World War I, this new volume makes a perfect complement to Herwig's Outbreak of World War I and Shevin-Coetzee/Coetzee's World War I and European Society: A Sourcebook.


Preface. Chronology of Events. Principal Proper Names. Reference Maps. Introduction: The Versailles Settlement in Historical Perspective I. Redrawing the Map of Europe 1. Arthur Walworth, The Establishment of the German Frontiers 2. David Lloyd George, The British Case for a Moderate Territorial Settlement 3. Georges Clemenceau, The French Response 4. Adolf Hitler, The Versailles Territorial Settlement and Nazi Revisionism 5. David Stevenson, The Empty Chair at the Peace Conference: Russia and the West II. Conflicting Strategies for Ensuring European Peace 6. Lloyd Ambrosius, The Drafting of the Covenant 7. Walter A. McDougall, Watch on the Rhine 8. Anthony Lentin and William R. Keylor, The Futile Bid to Create an Atlantic Security System III. The Wreck of Reparations 9. John Maynard Keynes, The Carthaginian Peace 10. Marc Trachtenberg, The Evidence of French Moderation 11. Sally Marks, The Myth of Reparations IV. The Colonial Settlement 12. Alan Sharp, The Mandate System in the Colonial World 13. Julian W. Mack et al. and Faisal I, Zionism and Arab Nationalism in the Middle East 14. V.K. Wellington Koo and Arthur Walworth, The Blow to Chinese Nationalism V. The Abortive Quest for Human Rights 15. W.E.B. DuBois, The Case for African Liberation 16. Carole Fink, The Protection of Ethnic and Religious Minorities 17. Paul Gordon Lauren, The Denial of Racial Equality Suggestions for Additional Reading

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