Global political economy : theory and practice


Global political economy : theory and practice

Theodore H. Cohn

Longman, c2003

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This popular, up-to-date text provides a balanced, in-depth background to main IPE theoretical approaches, examines IPE issues in historical perspective, and discusses domestic-international linkages. Based on the assumption that we can only understand the broader implications of current IPE issues by examining them in a theoretical and historical context, this accessible introduction to IPE has been highly lauded by users and reviewers. It focuses on three major themes or challenges in the post-Cold War era-globalization, North-North relations and North-South relations-to tie concepts together for students. It has been completely updated to provide a contemporary look at global political economy.


I. INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW. 1. Introduction. 2. Managing the Global Economy Since World War II: The Institutional Framework. II. THE THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES. 3. The Realist Perspective. 4. The Liberal Perspective. 5. The Historical Structuralist Perspective. III. THE ISSUE AREAS. 6. International Monetary Relations. 7. Foreign Debt. 8. Global Trade Relations. 9. Regionalism and Global Trade Regime. 10. Multinational Corporations and Global Production. 11. International Development. IV. CONCLUDING COMMENTS. 12. Current Trends in the Global Political Economy. Acronyms and Abbreviations. Glossary. Selected Bibliography. Index.

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