The book of wellness : a secular approach to spirit, meaning & purpose


The book of wellness : a secular approach to spirit, meaning & purpose

Donald B. Ardell

Prometheus Books, 1996

  • : cloth

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 245-247)



Is it possible that your fitness level, the quality of your diet, your sense of humour, your capacity for modifying stress, your ability to fashion and sustain a satisfying and healthful lifestyle are all connected to a deeper psychological variable? Dr. Ardell says, 'Yes! Without question!' As America's leading advocate of wellness, Dr. Ardell urges physicians and health promoters to spend less energy promoting fitness, nutrition, and stress management, and a lot more effort encouraging people to ponder the meaning and purpose of their lives.He provides specific tips from 100 of America's top health and wellness leaders for discovering and enjoying meaning and purpose at work and elsewhere; valuable check lists and assessments for addressing 'spirituality' without religion, dogmas, or creeds; and examples of activities that can nurture an environment in which people are comfortable exploring their ideas, concerns, feelings, and impressions. Once you realise that there is no meaning of life you can begin to create, invent, and discover exciting purposes that give your work, life, and play its own special meaning. He'll also help you to organise an approach or mindset for doing just that!

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