Unemployment and employment policies concerning women in Britain, 1900-1951


Unemployment and employment policies concerning women in Britain, 1900-1951

Keith Laybourn

(Women's studies, v. 35)

Edwin Mellen Press, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This study addresses the three major aspects of Britain's discriminatory approach to women's employment laws which were domestic service, broad unemployment and the links between voluntary bodies and the British state.


  • Preface by Dr. John Shepherd i
  • Foreword iii
  • Tables v
  • Acknowledgements vii
  • Abbreviations ix
  • Introduction and Overview 1
  • Chapter One
  • 'waking up to the fact that there are any unemployed': The Neglect of Women: Unemployment and Employment
  • c.1900-1914 25
  • Chapter Two
  • The First World War: Voluntary and Public Solutions to Unemployment 1914-1918 37
  • Chapter Three
  • Demobilization and The Central Committee on Women's Training and Employment in the Inter-War Years: Unemployment and the Domestic Solution 49
  • Chapter Four
  • Government Policy 1918-1939: Discrimination against women and the Anomalies Act (1931) 105
  • Chapter Five
  • Violet Markham: the Central Committee and the Unemployment Assistance Board during the Inter-War Years 139
  • Chapter Six
  • The Second World War: employment policy and the Domestic Services Report, 1939-1945 169
  • Chapter Seven
  • Back to Home and Back to the Factory 1945-51: Employment and Domestic Service 187
  • Conclusion 209
  • Appendix 213
  • Bibliography 223
  • Index 233

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