Using trauma theory to design service systems


Using trauma theory to design service systems

Maxine Harris, Roger D. Fallot, Editors.

(New directions for mental health services, no. 89)

Jossey-Bass, c2001

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Mental health practitioners are becoming increasingly aware that they are encountering a very large number of men and women who are survivors of sexual and physical abuse. This volume identifies the essential elements necessary for a system to begin to integrate an understanding about trauma into its core service programs. The fundamental elements of a trauma-informed system are identified, and the necessary supports for bringing about system change are highlighted. The basic philosophy of trauma-informed practice is then examined across several specific service components, namely assessment and screening, inpatient treatment, residential services, addictions programming, and case management. Modifications necessary to transform a current system into a trauma-informed system are discussed in great detail, as well as, the changing roles of consumers and providers. This is the 89th issue of the quarterly journal "New Directions for Mental Health Services".


1. Envisioning a Trauma--Informed Service System: A Vital Paradigm Shift Maxine Harris, Roger D. Fallot 2. A Trauma--Informed Approach to Screening and Assessment Roger D. Fallot, Maxine Harris 3. Trauma--Informed Inpatient Services Maxine Harris, Roger D. Fallot 4. Trauma--Informed Approaches to Housing Richard B. Bebout 5. Designing Trauma--Informed Addictions Services Maxine Harris, Roger D. Fallot 6. Trauma--Informed Services and Case Management David W. Freeman 7. Defining the Role of Consumer--Survivors in Trauma--Informed Systems Laura Prescott 8. Care of the Clinician Ellen Arledge, Rebecca Wolfson

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