Fiscal policy in urban education


    • Roellke, Christopher
    • Rice, Jennifer King


Fiscal policy in urban education

edited by Christopher Roellke and Jennifer King Rice

(Research in education fiscal policy and practice)

Information Age, c2002

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  • : pbk

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Mission Statement: The current education policy emphasis on higher performance standards, school-level accountability, and market-based reform presents important research challenges within the field of school finance. The simultaneous pursuit of both equity and efficiency within this policy context creates an unprecedented demand for rigorous, timely, and field-relevant research on fiscal practices in schools. This book series is intended to help meet this demand. Specifically, the series provides a scholarly forum for interdisciplinary research on the financing of public, private, and higher education in the United States and abroad. The series is committed to disseminating high quality empirical studies, policy analyses, theoretical models, and literature reviews on contemporary issues in fiscal policy and practice. Each themed volume is intended for a diversity of readers, including academic researchers, policy makers, and school practitioners.


TENTATIVE TOPICS: PART I: Policy Perspectives on Urban Education Reform. Nicola Alexander, University of Minnesota. Robert Bifulco, Syracuse University, Bari Anhalt Erlichson, Rutgers University. Margaret Goertz, University of Pennsylvania. PART II: The Supply, Demand and Quality of City Teachers. Brian Brent, University of Rochester. Jennifer Imazeki, San Diego State University. Christopher Roellke, Vassar College. Neil Theobald, Indiana University. PART III: Equity and Adequacy in Urban Schools. Lawrence O, Picus and Jacquelyn McCrasky, University of Southern California. Jennifer Rice, University of Maryland. Amy Schwartz, Leanna Stiefel, Hella Bel Hadj Amor, and Norm Fruchter, New York University.

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