Parts and wholes in semantics


Parts and wholes in semantics

Friederike Moltmann

Oxford University Press, 2003

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Originally published: 1997

Bibliography: p. [245]-250

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This book develops a unified account of expressions involving the notions of "part" and "whole" in which principles of the individuation of part structures play a central role. Moltmann presents a range of new empirical generalizations with data from English and a variety of other languages involving plurals, mass nouns, adnominal and adverbial modifiers such as as a whole, together, and alone, nominal and adverbial quantifiers ranging over parts, and expressions of completion such as completely and partly. She develops a new theory of part structures which differs from traditional mereological theories in that the notion of an integrated whole plays a central role and in that the part structure of an entity is allowed to vary across different situations, perspectives, and dimensions.


  • I. Introduction
  • II. The Formal Semantic Framework and the Treatment of Distributivity
  • III. Semantic Selection, Part Structures, and Perspectives
  • IV. Part Structures and Quantification
  • V. Metrical and Other Lexical Specifications of Part Structures
  • VI. Dimensions of Parts and Wholes and the Part Structure of Events
  • VII. The Mass-Count Distinction for Verbs and Adverbial Quantification over Events
  • VIII. Concluding Remark about Part Structures and Natural Language

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