Jews in the Hellenistic and Roman cities


Jews in the Hellenistic and Roman cities

edited by John R. Bartlett

Routledge, 2002

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"These papers were first delivered in spring 1997 at a conference organised under the auspices of the Consultative Committee for the Bible and the Ancient Near East in the Royal Irish Academy."--Introd., p. 1

Includes bibliographical references (p. 221-238) and index



Articles examine the city of Jerusalem and other Jewish communities of the Mediterranean diaspora, as reflected in the writings of Luke, Josephus and Philo. Topics covered include social identity, everyday life and religious practice. This will be of interest to students of Roman history, biblical studies, ancient Judaism and Hellenistic history.


1. Introduction Sean V. Freyne 2. The Hellenistic City of Jerusalem Lester L. Grabbe 3. The Legal Status of the Jews in the Diaspora Tessa Rajak 4. Jews in the Hellenistic Cities of Acts Fearghus O Fearghail 5. Synagogue Communities in the Graeco-Roman cities Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley 6. Population and Proselytism: How Many Jews were there in the ancient World? Brian McGing 7. Jewish Calendar reckoning in the Graeco-Roman Cities Sacha Stern 8. The Essenes in Greek Sources: Some Reflections John Dillon 9. Josephus and Jewish Apologetics in the Diaspora John Barclay 10. Philo, Alexandria, Empire: Allegorical Interpretation as an Aspect of Imperial Rhetoric Jonathan Dyck 11. Ethnic Continuity in the Jewish Diaspora in Antiquity Gideon Bohak 12. Aspects of Everyday Life in Roman Palestine with Special Reference to Private Domiciles and Public Baths Eric M. Meyers

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