Recovery from addiction : a practical guide to treatment, self-help, and quitting on your own


Recovery from addiction : a practical guide to treatment, self-help, and quitting on your own

William Cloud and Robert Granfield

New York University Press, c2001

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  • Introduction
  • Overview of traditional addiction treatment
  • Pros and cons of entering traditional treatment
  • Pros and cons of participating in 12-step groups
  • New and emerging approaches to quitting
  • The environment of addiction and resolution
  • Selecting an approach that is best for you
  • Quitting on your own
  • Quitting the natural way : is natural resolution for you?
  • Initial challenges to self-change
  • Maintaining your recovery naturally
  • Living without addiction



Millions of people enter or seriously consider entering alcohol or drug treatment each year. In their understandable state of urgency, most first-time treatment seekers and their loved ones may rush to the first treatment option they encounter. They are unlikely to be aware of why one form of intervention would be a good choice for their particular problem or why some approaches may, under some conditions, actually be harmful. Lacking reliable information, they are unable to make informed choices. Recovery from Addiction offers a concise, reader-friendly guide for substance dependent persons, their families, and friends to help make sense of the full range of available treatment options. Cloud and Granfield introduce readers to their options, from inpatient and outpatient programs and today's major pharmacological approaches to alternative therapies including strategies for using the Internet to access support meetings and approaches which do not call for life-long abstinence from the substances now causing the problem. They outline the underlying principles of each program, its pros and cons, and what a participant can expect when entering that type of treatment, guiding readers in choosing the approach likely to be best for them or their loved one. They also provide specific strategies for addicted individuals who wish to consider recovery on their own, without groups or treatment. A vital resource for addicts wishing to recover and their loved ones, Recovery from Addiction is also a valuable tool for health care professionals, from social workers to school counselors, responsible for referring clients to drug and alcohol recovery programs.

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