Ethics and the profession of anthropology : dialogue for ethically conscious practice


Ethics and the profession of anthropology : dialogue for ethically conscious practice

edited by Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

AltaMira Press, c2003

2nd ed

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This revised second edition of Ethics and the Profession of Anthropology renews the challenge to anthropologists to engage in a dialogue concerning their commitment to professional ethical conduct. Containing a majority of new chapters, the authors redefine what it means to conduct anthropological research ethically in a discipline that is now less isolated from allied fields in the physical and behavioral sciences and coming to terms with the global changes that affect its practice. Fluehr-Lobban provides an overview of issues from the past 110 years, drawing attention to the need for maintaining the ethical core of the discipline and a code of professional responsibility. The contributors describe a series of crises in the discipline involving clandestine research and other questionable actions by anthropologists, including secret research and intelligence work by academics; the ethical problems of medical work among native people; the evolution of cyber-ethics; and the changing relationships between indigenous people, archaeologists and museums as a result of the 1990 NAGPRA repatriation legislation. The book offers an excellent model for integrating ethics education at all levels of instruction and for empowering and engaging communities. It will be a valuable tool for anthropological researchers, instructors and fieldworkers as they transform their professional practice.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Chapter 1: Ethics and Professionalism 1890-2000: A Review of Crises, Issues, and Principles within Anthropology Chapter 3 Chapter 2: Anthropology Sub-Rosa, The CIA, the AAA and the Ethical Problems Inherent in Secret Research Chapter 4 Chapter 3: Ethics versus "Realism" in Anthropology: Redux Chapter 5 Chapter 4: Darkness in El Dorado: Research Ethics Then and Now Chapter 6 Chapter 5: Nagged by NAGPRA: Is there an Archaeological Ethic? Chapter 7 Chapter 6: Repatriation of Indigenous Hawaiian Cultural Property by the City of Providence: A Case Study in Politics and Applied Law Chapter 8 Chapter 6: Statement regarding the Ki i La Au Chapter 9 Chapter 6: Commentary Chapter 10 Chapter 7: Informed Consent in Anthropology: We are not Exempt Chapter 11 Chapter 8: An Ethics for an Anthropology in and of Cyberspace Chapter 12 Chapter 9: Teaching Anthropological Ethics at the University of South Carolina: An Example of Critical Ethical Dialogues across Communities Chapter 13 Chapter 10: The Dialogue Continues: Ethics and Anthropology in the Twenty-first Century: Toward a New Professional Ethics Chapter 14 Appendix A: American Anthropological Association Code of Ethics, 1998 Chapter 15 Appendix B: Archaeological Institute of America, Code of Ethics, amended 1997 Chapter 16 Appendix C: Society for Applied Anthropology, 1983 Chapter 17 Appendix D: Society for American Archaeology, Principles of Archaeological Ethics, 1996

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