The Yugoslav people's agony : the role of the Yugoslav Peoples' Army


The Yugoslav people's agony : the role of the Yugoslav Peoples' Army

Miroslav Hadžić

Ashgate, c2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 273-285) and index



This volume examines the period from the death of the Yugoslav People's Army (YPA), to its resurrection as a Serbian army. Miroslav Hadzic has spent his career in the YPA and therefore he knows the institution, and most of the major players, very well. Recently arrested for his writings by the regime, this author is an analyst of army matters. This book describes and analyzes how the YPA became involved in the operetta war in Slovenia, the Serb-Croat war in Croatia; the triangular war in Bosnia; and the anti-guerrilla war in Kosovo. It also looks at the gradual subordination of the YPA to Milosevic and the prospects for its professional transformation. Analyzing the factors for establishing democratic civil control over the army in Serbian society, this book will be of extreme interest to scholars of military studies, geopolitics, international relations more generally and sociology.


  • The Army's Road to War: The army fails to acknowledge reality
  • The army's rejection of reality
  • The army's destruction of reality
  • The destruction of Yugoslavia by common consent. The JNA's Warfare Balance: The essence of the Yugoslav war
  • The powerlessness of the military's might
  • Foundations of the army's powerlessness. Changing Without Change: New model of an old gun
  • Self-transformation of the Yugoslav army
  • Conclusions.

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