International Conference on Vehicle Safety 2002, held on 28th-29th May 2002 at IMechE Headquarter, London, UK


International Conference on Vehicle Safety 2002, held on 28th-29th May 2002 at IMechE Headquarter, London, UK

organized by the Automobile Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) ; supported by Safety and Reliability Group ... [et al.] ; sponsored by TRL ; co-sponsored by IRCOBI, FIA Foundations

(IMechE conference transactions, 2002-5)

Professional Engineering for IMechE, 2002


Vehicle safety 2002

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This volume covers new research and development in vehicle safety, it looks at the outcome of new design solutions and their application in this field. It provides an environment for the constructive dissemination and discussion of new knowledge and its timely application. Vehicle manufacturers, researchers, and policy makers from around the world exchange information and views about future improvements in vehicle safety. The book includes topics such as accidents analysis, side impact, compatibility, active safety, rear impact and pedestrian safety. It is aimed at those related to the vehicle industy who are responsible for maintaining and improving safety standards, which include vehicle and component designers, manufacturers and suppliers, researchers, legislators, and road user groups.


Accident Analysis C607/016/2002 Global priorities for vehicle safety M Mackay and E Wodzin 3 C607/008/2002 Determination of risk factors of accident causation S Busch, R Zobel, and J-P Kreiss 11 C607/018/2002 Airbag effectiveness in real world crashes in Australia J S Barnes, A P Morris, B Fildes, M Fitzharris, and R J Frampton 23 C607/021/2002 Intrusion resistance glazing - implications for vehicle occupant safety A M Hassan, M Mackay, and J H Kee 33 C607/004/2002 An overview of accidents and safety priorities for light goods vehicles J Lenard, R J Frampton, A Kirk, A Morris, R Newton, P Thomas, and P A Fay 49 Side Impact C607/035/2002 Side impact barrier - development and evaluation D Hynd, R Lowne, S Knack, E Becchio, R Zuljar, and P Castaing 63 C607/034/2002 IIHS side impact barrier - development and crash test experience R A Arbelaez, G J Dakin, J M Nolan, D J Dalmotas, and S Tylko 73 C607/027/2002 International harmonized research activities side impact working group status report K Seyer 89 Compatibility C607/023/2002 International Harmonized Research Activity (IHRA) - Vehicle Compatibility P O'Reilly 103 C607/022/2002 NHTSA's research programme for vehicle agressivity and fleet compatibility W T Hollowell, S M Summers, and A Prasad 115 C607/028/2002 Australian research to develop a vehicle compatibility test K Seyer, C A Newland, and M B Terrell 133 C607/009/2002 Influence of declaration pulse on driver injury levels in vehicle-to-vehicle collisions T Schwarz, S Busch, and R Zobel 149 C607/032/2002 Development of test procedures and performance criteria to improve compatibility in car frontal collisions M J Edwards, C A Hobbs, H Davies, and A Thompson 157 C607/025/2002 Improvements in car-to-car computability - physics, design constraints, and assessment test methodology and criteria A Diboine and P Delannoy 177 Active Safety C607/029/2002 Primary new car assessment programme - PNCAP B Chinn, I Knight, and M McCarthy 191 Rear Impact C607/033/2002 BioRID responses and the effect of crash pulse characteristics D S Zuby and M Avery 207 C607/020/2002 The influence of initial head rotation (non-sagittal plane position) on whiplash injury W Z Golinski and C R Gentle 217 C607/010/2002 Kinematics of the human spine in rear impact and the biofidelity of current dummies A K Roberts, D Hynd, P R Dixon, O Murphy, M Magnusson, and M H Pope 227 Other Issues C607/001/2002 The effect of safety belts in bus rollover process M Matyas 247 C607/014/2002 The safety of passengers in wheelchairs in vehicles D MacDonald 257 C607/015/2002 In-car safety and personal security needs of female drivers and passengers M Carter and R Welsh 267 Pedestrian Safety C607/037/2002 Comprehensive approach to increased pedestrian safety in pedestrian-to-car accidents W Koch, M Howard, and R Sferco 285 C607/013/2002 Pedestrian injury - effects in impact speed and contact stiffness C E Neal-Sturgess, G Coley, and P de Oliveira 311 C607/006/2002 Investigation into the use of adaptable car structures concepts for pedestrian impact protection J Hoffmann, A Kretzschmar, and M V Blundell 323 C607/007/2002 Adaptation of a pedestrian finite element model for use in simulating two-wheeled rider-to-car accident scenarios B McLundie 335 C607/002/2002 Design of experiments simulation of real world pedestrian accidents N Le Glatin, M V Blundell, S Thorpe, G Blount, G Brown, and B Allan-Stubbs 345 Authors' Index 357

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