European Conference on Vehicle Noise and Vibration 2002, 11-12 June 2002, IMechE Headquarters, London, UK



European Conference on Vehicle Noise and Vibration 2002, 11-12 June 2002, IMechE Headquarters, London, UK

organized by the Automobile Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) ; supported by the Energy, Environment, and Sustainability Group of the IMechE ; sponsored by ArvinMeritor ; co-sponsored by SAE International ... [et al.]

(IMechE conference transactions, 2002-3)

Professional Engineering for IMechE, 2002


Vehicle noise and vibration 2002

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The acoustic and vibration characteristics of vehicles remain vitally important factors to market success. Failure to meet customer expectations can seriously affect sales and ultimately company survival. Achieving appropriate quality and affordable costs is the engineering task that this volume addresses. "Vehicle Noise and Vibration 2002" includes contributions from across Europe covering technologies and applications from virtual vehicles to analysis methodology and from subsystems modelling and validations to the whole vehical approach. In view of the new measurement and assessment methodologies and better understanding of noise from brakes, this volume brings a collection of papers together under the following headings: brakes and friction induced NVH; virtual prototyping NVH engineering - best practice and challenges; driveline; whole vehicle; and powertrain. The text is aimed at executives, managers, specialists, engineers, scientists and all those concerned with NVH in the auto industry and supply chain companies. It should also be of interest to academics who are active - or considering working in - acoustics, vibration control and new measurement technologies in a dynamic environment.


Brakes and Friction Induced NVH C605/001/2002 Contact analysis of the disc brake by finite element methods I L M Ahmed, P S Leung, and P K Datta 3 C605/007/2002 Drum brake squeal prediction using a parametric finite element model H-I Kang, P C Brooks, and D C Barton 17 C603/019/2002 Vibro-acoustic and structural dynamics analysis of brake noise H van der Auweraer, W Hendricx, B Vandenplas, and A Pezzutto 35 C605/021/2002 Graphical representation of disc brakes generating noise using data from laser holography C Talbot and J D Fieldhouse 45 C605/033/2002 Vibration measurement using ESPI R Krupka, T Walz, A Ettemeyer, and R Evans 59 C605/027/2002 Frictional instability of systems with a sliding point contact P Duffour and J Woodhouse 73 C605/030/2002 Brake damper selection via model analysis and acoustical testing S Tousi and A M Balvedi 85 C605/006/2002 Exhaust system optimization for drive by noise A Jackson and I Arbuckle 95 Virtual Prototype NVH Engineering - Best Practice and Challenges C605/018/2002 The role of test in the age of simulation R van Cauter and N Kirtley 111 C605/022/2002 Supporting the virtual NVH process with virtual prototyping G Ferrarotti, C Sinsou, and G Smiley 121 Driveline C605/015/2002 A mathematical model of tyre-road interaction noise R A G Graf, C-Y Kuo, A P Dowling, and W R Graham 133 C605/002/2002 Driveline system noise, vibration, and harshness optimization Y Lee and F Kocer 143 C605/003/2002 Road noise transfer path analysis with time domain representation A Gillibrand and D Marshall 157 Whole Vehicle C605/004/2002 Sound quality in hybrid vehicles M Franco-Jorge 167 C605/008/2002 The reduction of noise arising from the radiator cooling fan in automotive applications G M Donnison 177 Powertrain C605/024/2002 The experimental assessment of flow-generated noise emissions from intake and exhaust systems P O A L Davies, K R Holland, and D C van der Walt 193 C605/017/2002 A review of phenomena and associated experimental methods in automotive aero-acoustics C G Anderson 205 C605/009/2002 Assessment of the noise radiation from engine covers D J Thompson, R M Grice, and R Blaha 215 C605/020/2002 Engine internal dynamic force identification and the combination with engine structural and vibro-acoustic transfer information J van Herbruggen, P J G van der Linden, H-J Knittel, and J Schnur 227 Authors' Index 237

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