Schools of thought : twenty-five years of interpretive social science


Schools of thought : twenty-five years of interpretive social science

edited by Joan W. Scott, Debra Keates

(Princeton paperbacks)

Princeton University Press, c2001

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Developed out of a conference held at the Institute for Advanced Study in May 1997, to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Institute's School of Social Science



Schools of Thought brings together a cast of prominent scholars to assess, with unprecedented breadth and vigor, the intellectual revolution over the past quarter century in the social sciences. This collection of twenty essays stems from a 1997 conference that celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Institute for Advanced Study's School of Social Science. The authors, who represent a wide range of disciplines, are all associated with the School's emphasis on interpretive social science, which rejects models from the hard sciences and opts instead for a humanistic approach to social inquiry. Following a preface by Clifford Geertz, whose profound insights have helped shape the School from the outset, the essays are arranged in four sections. The first offers personal reflections on disciplinary changes; the second features essays advocating changes in focus or methodology; the third presents field overviews and institutional history; while the fourth addresses the link between political philosophy and world governance. Two recurring themes are the uses (and pitfalls) of interdisciplinary studies and the relation between scholarship and social change. This book will be rewarding for anyone interested in how changing trends in scholarship shape the understanding of our social worlds. The contributors include David Apter, Kaushik Basu, Judith Butler, Nicholas Dirks, Jean Elshtain, Peter Galison, Wolf Lepenies, Jane Mansbridge, Andrew Pickering, Mary Poovey, Istvan Rev, Renato Rosaldo, Michael Rustin, Joan W. Scott, William H. Sewell, Jr., Quentin Skinner, Charles Taylor, Anna Tsing, Michael Walzer, and Gavin Wright.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS vii INTRODUCTION: Clifford Geertz School Building: A Retrospective Preface PART ONE: Blurred Genres: Reflections on Disciplinary Practices 13 CHAPTER 1: Quentin Skinner Political Theory after the Enlightenment Project 15 CHAPTER 2: Wolf Lepenies Twenty-five Years of Social Science and Social Change: A Personal Memoir 25 CHAPTER 3: Gavin Wright Economic History as a Cure for Economics 41 CHAPTER 4: Judith Butler Can the "Other" of Philosophy Speak? 52 CHAPTER 5: Renato Rosaldo Reflections on Interdisciplinarity 67 PART TWO: The State of the Art: New Methods and New Questions 83 CHAPTER 6: Joan W. Scott After History? 85 CHAPTER 7: Anna Tsing The Global Situation 104 CHAPTER 8: Charles Taylor Modernity and Identity 139 CHAPTER 9: Kaushik Basu The Role of Norms and Law in Economics: An Essay on Political Economy 154 CHAPTER 10: Peter Galison Material Culture, Theoretical Culture, and Delocalization 179 CHAPTER 11: Andrew Pickering Science as Alchemy 194 PART THREE: Thick Description: Field Overviews and Institutional History 207 CHAPTER 12: William H. Sewell, Jr. Whatever Happened to the "Social" in Social History? 209 CHAPTER 13: Nicholas B. Dirks Postcolonialism and Its Discontents: History, Anthropology, and Postcolonial Critique 227 CHAPTER 14: David E. Apter Structure, Contingency, and Choice: A Comparison of Trends and Tendencies in Political Science 252 CHAPTER 15: Mary Poovey Interdisciplinarity at New York University 288 PART FOUR: The World in Pieces: Political Philosophy and World Governance 313 CHAPTER 16: Jean Bethke Elshtain Political Theory and Moral Responsibility 315 CHAPTER 17: Jane Mansbridge A "Moral Core" Solution to the Prisoners' Dilemma 330 CHAPTER 18: Michael Rustin Reinterpreting Risk 348 CHAPTER 19: Istvan Rev Retrotopia: Critical Reason Turns Primitive 364 CHAPTER 20: Michael Walzer International Society: What Is the Best that We Can Do? 388 AUTHOR NOTES 403

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