Legal aspects of health information management


Legal aspects of health information management

Dana C. McWay

(The Health information management series)

Thomson/Delmar Learning, c2003

2nd ed

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Managers of health information have a professional stake in understanding the legal requirements designed to safeguard health care information. This comprehensive book covers all legal aspects of the Health Information Management field including the legal principles that govern patient information. Actual cases related to health care underscore the relationship between the law and health information. The first chapters introduce the American legal system, legal procedures and principles of liability. Subsequent chapters build on this information by presenting information on patient record requirements, access to health information, confidentiality, computerized records, and other areas.


WORKINGS OF AMERICAN LEGAL SYSTEM. The Workings of the American Legal System. The Court System and Legal Procedures. Principles of Liability. CONTROL AND USE OF PATIENT HEALTH INFORMATION. Patient Record Requirements. Access to Health Information. Confidentiality & Release of Information. Liability for Improper Disclosure. Courtroom Disclosure of Health Information. SPECIALIZED AREAS OF HEALTH INFORMATION. Specialized Patient Records. Non-Patient Records. Abuse & Neglect Documentation. AIDS Information. Computerized Patient Records. Legislative Issues. Appendix.

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