Public health informatics and information systems


    • O'Carroll, Patrick W.


Public health informatics and information systems

editors, Patrick W. O'Carroll ... [et al.]

(Health informatics)

Springer, c2003

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This book covers all aspects of public health informatics and discusses the creation and management of an information technology infrastructure that is essential in linking state and local organizations in their efforts to gather data for the surveillance and prevention. Public health officials will have to understand basic principles of information resource management in order to make the appropriate technology choices that will guide the future of their organizations. As the major topic at the American Medical Informatics Association's (AMIA) spring congress in 2001, public health has moved into the spotlight, given the importance of implementing a population- based health approach and to addressing chronic health conditions. This book marks the first systematic effort to provide informatics principles and examples of practice in a public health context. In doing so, it clarifies the ways in which newer information technologies will improve individual and community health status. This book's primary purpose is to consolidate key information and promote a strategic approach to information systems and development, making it a resource for use by faculty and students of public health, as well as the practicing public health professional. Chapter highights include: The Governmental and Legislative Context of Informatics; Assessing the Value of Information Systems; Ethics, Information Technology, and Public Health; and Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security. Review questions are featured at the end of every chapter. Aside from its use for public health professionals, the book will be used by schools of public health, clinical and public health nurses and students, schools of social work, allied health, and environmental sciences. Drs. O'Carroll and Yasnoff are public health specialists at the Centers for Disease


Contents Foreword Series Preface Preface Acknowledgments Contributors Part I. The Context for Public Health Informatics Chapter 1. Introduction to Public Health Informatics Patrick O'Carroll, MD, MPH, FACPM Chapter 2. History and Significance of Information Systems and Public Health John R. Lumpkin, MD, MPH Chapter 3. Better Health Through Informatics: Managing Information to Deliver Value Marion Ball, EdD Chapter 4. The Governmental and Legislative Context of Informatics John Christiansen, JD Part II. The Science of Public Health Informatics Chapter 5. Information Architecture Patrick O'Carroll, MD, MPH, FACPM Chapter 6. Core Competencies in Public Health Informatics Janise Richards, MS, MPH, PhD Chapter 7. Assessing the Value of Information Systems Pete Kitch, MBA William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI Chapter 8. Managing IT Personnel and Projects Pete Kitch, MBA William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI Chapter 9. Public Health Informatics and Organizational Change Nancy M. Lorenzi, PhD Robert T. Riley, PhD Chapter 10. Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security of Public Health Information William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI Chapter 11. Data Standards in Public Health Informatics Daniel B. Jernigan, MD, MPH Jac Davies, MS, MPH Alan Sim, MS Chapter 12. Evaluation for Public Health Informatics Deborah Lewis, EdD, RN, MPH Chapter 13. Ethics, Information Technology, and Public Health: Duties and Challenges in Computational Epidemiology Kenneth W. Goodman, PhD Part III. Key Public Health Information Systems Chapter 14. The National Vital Statistics System Mary Anne Freedman James A. Weed, PhD Chapter 15. Morbidity Data Linda K. Demlo, PhD Jane F. Gentleman, PhD Chapter 16. Risk Factor Information Systems Patrick O'Carroll, MD, MPH, FACPM Eve Powell-Griner, MA, PhD Deborah Holtzman, PhD G. David Williamson, PhD Chapter 17. Informatics of Toxicology and Environmental Public Health Edwin M. Kilbourne, MD, FACP, FACPM Chapter 18. Knowledge-Based Information and Systems Neil Rambo, MLS Christine Beahler, MLS Part IV. New Challenges, Emerging Systems Chapter 19. New Means of Data Collection Denise Koo, MD, MPH Meade Morgan, PhD Claire Broome, MD Chapter 20. New Means for Increasing Data Accessibility Robb Chapman Chapter 21. Geographic Information Systems Carol L. Hanchette, PhD Chapter 22. Immunization Registries: Critical Tools for Sustaining Success Rob Linkins, MPH, PhD Chapter 23. Decision Support and Expert Systems in Public Health William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI Perry L. Miller, MD, PhD Chapter 24. Promoting the Delivery of Preventive Medicine in Primary Care Larry L. Dickey, MD, MPH John D. Piette, PhD Part V. Case Studies: Applications of Information Systems Development Chapter 25. Policy Issues in Developing Information Systems for Public Health Surveillance of Communicable Diseases Ivan J. Gotham, PhD Perry F. Smith, MD Guthrie S. Birkhead, MD, MPH Michael C. Davisson Chapter 26. Networking/Connecting People in a Sustainable Way: Information Network for Public Health Officials (INPHO) Ron Seymour Fran Muskopf, BS Chapter 27. The Community Health Information Movement: Where It's Been, Where It's Going Richard D. Rubin Chapter 28. Developing the Missouri Integrated Public Health Information System Garland Land, MPH, Nancy L. Hoffman, RN, MSN Rex Peterson Chapter 29. Using Information Systems to Build Capacity: A Public Health Improvement Tool Box Jerry A. Schultz, PhD Stephen B. Fawcett, PhD Vincent T. Francisco, PhD Bobbie Berkowitz, PhD Chapter 30. Using Data to Meet a Policy Objective: Community Health Assessment Practice with the CATCH Data Warehouse James Studnicki, ScD, MBA, MPH Alan R. Hevner, PhD Donald J. Berndt, PhD Chapter 31. International Networking: Addressing the Challenge of Emerging Infections Ann Marie Kimball, MD, MPH, FACPM Tiffany Harris, BS Chapter 32. Case Study: An Immunization Data Collection System for Private Providers William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI Chapter 33. Public Health Informatics in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Lewis E. Berman, MS Yechiam Ostchega, PhD, RN Debra S. Reed-Gillette, BA Kathryn Porter, MD, MS Chapter 34. Epilogue: The Future of Public Health Informatics William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI Patrick O'Carroll, MD, MPH, FACPM Denise Koo, MD, MPH Robert Linkins, MPH, PhD Edwin M. Kilbourne, MD Index

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