Research design and methods : a process approach


Research design and methods : a process approach

Kenneth S. Bordens, Bruce B. Abbott

McGraw-Hill, c2002

5th ed., international ed

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Previous ed.: Mountain View, Calif. : Mayfield, 1999

Includes bibliographical references and indexes



This text offers students an in-depth introduction to the process of research design and methods. It is distinguished by its application of the process approach, a proven strategy for guiding students at each step of psychological research.


Preface. Part I. General Principles of Research Design. 1. Explaining Behavior. 2. Developing Ideas for Research: Developing, Testing, and Evaluating Theories of Behavior. 3. Reviewing the Scientific Literature. 4. Choosing a Research Design. 5. Making Systematic Observations. 6. Choosing and Using Subjects. Part II. Research Designs. 7. Using Nonexperimental Research. 8. Using Survey Research. 9. Using Between-Subjects and Within-Subjects Experimental Designs. 10. Using Specialized Research Designs. 11. Using Single-Subject Designs. Part III. Analyzing and Reporting Results. 12. Describing Data. 13. Using Inferential Statistics. 14. Using Multivariate Design and Analysis. 15. Reporting Your Research Results. Appendix: Statistical Tables. Glossary. References. Text Credits. Name Index. Subject Index.

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