Eighth European Congress on Fluid Machinery for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry, 31 October-1 November 2002, Bilderberg Europa Hotel, The Hague, The Netherlands



Eighth European Congress on Fluid Machinery for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry, 31 October-1 November 2002, Bilderberg Europa Hotel, The Hague, The Netherlands

organized by the Fluid Machinery Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) ; sponsored by Man Turbo ; co-sponsored by Koninkliike Vlaamse Ingenieursvaremiging ... [et al.]

(IMechE conference transactions, 2003-1)

Professional Engineering, 2003

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Fluid machinery is essential for the movement of oil and gas in the extraction and hydrocarbon processing industries. Improvements and innovations in fluid machinery result in improved reliability, and increased efficiency, as well as totally new approaches to business itself. These latest IMechE conference transactions showcase the latest in technology and provide an excellent forum for sharing valuable experiences. Topics covered in this indispensable edition include: Fluid Machinery Design Turbo-process Machinery Developments in Pumps and Drivers Multiphase Pressure Boosting Safety and Environment Operations and Maintenance Retrofits and Upgrades This volume will be of great interest to engineering managers, chief engineers, academics, and all those involved in the rotating equipment companies.


  • Fluid Machinery Design
  • C603/001/2003 Optimization of screw compressor design
  • N Stosic, I K Smith, and A Kovacevic 3
  • C603/028/2003 CFD modelling and design optimization of a gerotor pump
  • F Iudicello 15
  • C603/015/2003 Industrial centrifugal compressors - physical background and practice of modern gas dynamic design
  • Y Galerkin, V Mitrofanov, K Danilov, and E Popova 27
  • Turbo-process Machinery
  • C603/017/2003 Exducer turbines, the optimized solution for liquefied gas expanders
  • H E Hylton and E H Kimmel 39
  • C603/024/2003 Design of large-scale air separation turbomachinery units
  • H Voss 53
  • C603/031/2003 The MS 5002E - a new two-shaft, high-efficiency, heavy-duty, gas turbine for Oil&Gas applications
  • L Aurelio, L Tognarelli, and P Pecchi 65
  • Developments in Pumps and Drivers
  • C603/023/2003 Ultra-high pressure seawater injection pumps
  • B Germaine 79
  • C603/016/2003 Ultra-high pressure water injection pumping design
  • N Muntz and G Stead 89
  • Multiphase Pressure Boosting
  • C603/014/2003 Field operation and performance of a downhole hydraulic submersible multiphase pump
  • W G Harden 105
  • C603/026/2003 Wet gas compression with twin-screw multiphase pumps
  • D Muller-Link, J-U Brandt, M Reichwage, and G Schroder 117
  • Safety and Environment
  • C603/006/2003 Development of machinery and rotating equipment integrity - safety inspection guidance notes
  • J J Lewis and B Stark 129
  • C603/021/2003 Improving safety at gas turbine plant - preparation for ATEX
  • I R Cowan, S Gilham, E S Kaufman, R L Brooks, and L M Danner 141
  • C603/022/2003 MagMax[trademark] - the development of a revolutionary sealless pump
  • K Black 153
  • C603/033/2003 Application of a diagnostic system for mechanical seals
  • C Schmidthals 177
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • C603/004/2003 Unstable operation of a synthesis gas compressor
  • J P M Smeulers and Ir O van Wolfswinkel 189
  • C603/012/2003 Maintenance strategy development for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities
  • N Arthur 197
  • C603/018/2003 Operational difficulties on an ethylene plant cracked gas compressor train
  • A D R Chapman, G M Corrigan, and B R Gamblin 209
  • C603/034/2003 Water injection system to maintain the performance of cracked gas compressors in ethylene plants
  • T Loscha, H Magdalinski, and M Grafe 221
  • Retrofits and Upgrades
  • C603/011/2003 Major rerate of a process air compressor during a plant shutdown
  • G Kerr and F G Cataldo 233
  • C603/020/2003 Technical specification of turbomachinery rerates
  • S A Rodgers, C J Robinson, and J O'Connor 243
  • C603/027/2003 Uprate applied to turbomachinery in olefin plants from MAN Turbo's point of view
  • G Hinrichs 255
  • C603/029/2003 Radical upgrading of ethylene plant turbo-machinery control and protective systems
  • N H Wells 263
  • Additional Papers
  • C603/030/2003 Design consideration for helico-axial multiphase pumps
  • M Cordner and J de Salis 277
  • C603/038/2003 Enhanced mechanical face seal performance using modified face surface topography
  • L Young, E Roosch, and R Hill 293
  • Authors' Index 305

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