International Conference on Renewable Bioenergy -Technologies, Risks, and Rewards, 29-30 October 2002 at IMechE Headquaters, London, UK



International Conference on Renewable Bioenergy -Technologies, Risks, and Rewards, 29-30 October 2002 at IMechE Headquaters, London, UK

organized by The Renewable Power Committee of the Power Industries Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) ; co-sponsored by British BioGen ... [et al.]

(IMechE conference transactions, 2003-3)

Professional Engineering, 2003

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Renewable Bioenergy - Technologies, Risks and Rewards explores the management of risks faced by bioenergy projects and the potential benefits that they bring. This volume includes papers from authoritative authors who have had first hand experience in the bioenergy sector, whether it be from the perspective of the farming sector, the suppliers of technology, the project developers, or the financiers. Their knowledge and experience will help identify the way forward for this emerging renewable energy sector, which has the potential to make a significant contribution to our future energy needs. Topics covered include: Fuel - Research and Development - The Government Perspective - Deploying Technology - Developers and Users - Covering the Risks - The Regulatory Context - Connecting and Selling


  • Fuel
  • C611/020/2003 Supply chain development for biomass fuel - challenges and opportunities
  • P Simpson 3
  • C611/005/2003 Biofuels expert system - a tool to increase predictability and flexibility
  • R Blackstone 9
  • Research and Development
  • C611/007/2003 Taking new technologies to market - some fundamental principles
  • I P Burdon 23
  • C611/015/2003 Thermal processing of biomass for fuels and chemicals
  • A V Bridgewater 33
  • C611/016/2003 Are pyrolysis and gasification viable commercial alternatives to combustion for bioenergy projects? J Schwager, C Heermann, and K Whiting 63
  • The Government Perspective
  • C611/018/2003 Government policy and support for bioenergy
  • G Shanahan 77
  • Deploying Technology
  • C611/014/2003 Gas turbines and renewable fuels - the technologies, the risks, and the rewards
  • M F Cannon and M J Welch 89
  • C611/021/2003 The Foster Wheeler biomass gasification experience
  • H Lampenius 99
  • Developers and Users
  • C611/030/2003 Progress achieved in the ARBRE BIGCC project and prospects for the future
  • B Paterson and A Weeks 115
  • C611/028/2003 Electricity from poultry litter
  • D Raubenheimer 123
  • C611/008/2003 Biomass - risks and rewards of cofiring with coal in existing plants and of building new plant
  • R Hotchkiss, D Matts, A Myers, B Osborne, and G Riley 139
  • Covering the Risks
  • C611/009/2003 Outsourcing operation and maintenance risks in bioenergy projects
  • J Fricker 151
  • C611/004/2003 The role and availability of insurance
  • S Phillips 161
  • C611/022/2003 Risks relating to bio-energy projects - a bank's perspective
  • L Veenstra 171
  • The Regulatory Context
  • C611/001/2003 Sustainable energy requires integrated policies
  • V Heslop 179
  • C611/027/2003 Bioenergy projects - why are they so unpopular and how can the chances of a planning consent be improved? E Simmons 191
  • C611/025/2003 The planning system - an institutional barrier or a friendly facilitator? A Gray 199
  • Connecting and Selling
  • C611/024/2003 Distributed generation - harder than it looks
  • M Kennedy 207
  • Authors' Index 219

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