"You're going to love this kid!" : teaching students with autism in the inclusive classroom


    • Kluth, Paula


"You're going to love this kid!" : teaching students with autism in the inclusive classroom

by Paula Kluth ; with invited contributors

Paul H. Brookes, c2003

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Includes bibliographical references and index

"Foreword by Eugene Marcus" -- cover



This work is a guidebook for including students with autism in both primary and secondary school classrooms. Including first-person accounts that give readers insight into the experience of having autism, it shows educators how to adapt their classrooms to support student participation in classwork, school routines, and social activities. It combines relevant research with lessons learned from the author's teaching experience to give readers specific, creative ideas for: understanding the attitudes, values and actions hat support inclusive schooling; connecting, communicating, and collaborating effectively with families; enhancing literacy by adapting reading materials, using visuals, and tapping in to student interests; planning challenging, multidimensional lessons that encourage all students to participate and help students reach their individual goals; support student behaviour in sensitive, positive ways; fostering friendships and social relationships between students with and without autism; and adapting the physical environment for students with autism who may have heightened sensitivity to factors like temperature, sounds, and smells.


  • Defining Autism
  • Understanding Inclusive Schooling
  • The Role Of The Teacher - Attitudes, Values, And Actions That Support Inclusive Schooling
  • Connecting With Families, With Eileen Yoshina
  • Creating A Comfortable Classroom
  • Friendship, Social Relationships, And Belonging
  • Building Communication Skills, Competencies, And Relationships
  • Seeing Students With Autism As Literate - Beyond Sight Words
  • Rethinking Behaviour - Positive Ways To Teach And Support
  • Inclusive Pedagogy - Planning Lessons In The Diverse Classroom
  • Teaching Strategies - Ideas For Inspiring, Helping, And Engaging All Learners, With Christi Kasa-Hendrickson
  • Collaboration And Cooperation In The Inclusive School.

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