Globalization : theory and practice


Globalization : theory and practice

Eleonore Kofman and Gillian Youngs

Continuum, 2003

2nd ed

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Previous ed.: London: Pinter, 1996

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ISBN 9780826454720


This volume brings together many leading figures from different disciplines to present a range of contributions covering key dimensions of globalization. These contributions reflect on the limitations of existing theoretical approaches and indicate possible future directions for development. This second edition includes a new introduction by the editors indicating the contemporary state of globalization studies and introducting key themes such as technology, social movements and migration issues.


  • Introduction: globalization - the second wave, Eleonore Kofman and Gillian Youngs. Part 1 Rethinking globalization in theory and practice: shifting ground(s) - remapping in the context of globalization(s), Spike V. Peterson
  • crossing disciplinary boundaries - political geography and international relations after the Cold War, Simon Dalby
  • dangers of discourse - the case of globalization, Gillian Youngs
  • globalization and geopolitical world orders, Geoffrey Parker
  • beyond the buzzword - towards a critical theory of globalization, Jan Aart Scholte
  • global restructuring and international migration - consequences for the globalization of politics, Helene Pellerin. Part 2 Territorial logics: rethinking sovereignty, Marc Williams
  • the globalization of telecommunications and the issue of regulatory reform, Gerhard Fuchs and Andrew Koch
  • the globalization of knowledge and the politics of intellectual property - power, governance and technology, Chris Farrands
  • what next for the state?, Philip Cerny
  • territoriality in the nuclear era, Richard Harknett
  • the modern multiplicity of states, Peter Taylor
  • citizenship at a crossroads - immigration and the nation-state, Ahmet Icduygu. Part 3 Trading places or gendering the global: an international political economy of sex?, Jan Jindy Pettman
  • feminism, gender relations and geopolitics - problematic closures and opening strategies, Eleonore Kofman
  • gender inequalities and feminist politics in global perspective, Jill Krause
  • the places of women in trading places - gendered global/regional regimes and internationalized feminist resistance, Anne Sisson Runyan
  • selling NAFTA - genered metaphors and silenced gender implications, Marianne Marchand. Part 4 Other domains of the global - issues of inequality: other contexts of the global - for a critical geoplitics of North-South relations, David Slater
  • globalization and governance - the paradoxes of adjustment in sub-Saharan Africa, Giles Mohan
  • prospects for sustainable development - experiences of small island developing sectors, Roy Smith
  • globalization, culture and the land - the case of the Carribean, Tracy Skelton.

: pbk ISBN 9780826454737


This revised second edition of a popular textbook provides a powerful new context for debates about globalization through its identification of both continuities and new concerns, and demonstrates the cross-disciplinary imperatives for investigating these areas.Selected contributors: Spike V. Peterson, Simon Dalby, Philip Cerny, Jan Jindy Petman, Anne Sisson Runyan, Marianne Marchand


Introduction: Globalization - the second wave (Eleonore Kofman and Gillian Youngs) Part I: Rethinking Globalization in Theory and Practice 1. Shifting Ground(s): remapping in the context of globalization(s) (Spike V. Peterson) 2. Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries: political geography and international relations after the cold war (Simon Dalby) 3. Dangers of Discourse: the case of globalization (Gillian Youngs) 4. Globalization and Geopolitical World Orders (Geoffrey Parker) 5. Beyond the Buzzword: towards a critical theory of globalization (Jan Aart Scholte) 6. Global Restructuring and International Migration: consequences for the globalization of politics (Helene Pellerin) Part II: Territorial Logics 7. Rethinking Sovereignty (Marc Williams) 8. The Globalization of Telecommunications and the issue of Regulatory Reform (Gerhard Fuchs and Andrew Koch) 9. The Globallization of Knowledge and the Politics of Intellectual Property: power, governance and technology (Chris Farrands) 10. What next for the State? (Philip Cerny) 11. Territoritoriality in the Nuclear Era (Richard Harknett) 12. The Modern Multiplicity of States (Peter Taylor) 13. Citizenship at a Crossroads: immigration and the nation-state (Ahmet Icduygu) Part III: Trading Places or Gendering the Global 14. An International Political Economy of Sex? (Jan Jindy Pettman) 15. Feminism, Gender Relations and Geopolitics: problematic closures and opening strategies (Eleonore Kofman) 16. Gender Inequalties and Feminist Politics in Global Perspective (Jill Krause) 17. The Places of Women in Trading Places: gendered global/regional regimes and internationalized feminist resistance (Anne Sisson Runyan) 18. Selling NAFTA: gendered metaphors and silenced gender implications (Marianne Marchand) Part IV: Other Domains of the Global: Issues of Inequality 19. Other Contexts of the Global: for a critical geopolitics of North-South relations (David Slater) 20. Globalization and Governance: the paradoxes of adjustment in sub-Saharan Africa (Giles Mohan) 21. Prospects for Sustainable Development: experiences of small island developing sectors (Roy Smith) 22 Globalization, Culture and the Land: the case of the Caribbean (Tracey Skelton)

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