Environmental monitoring handbook


    • Burden, Frank R


Environmental monitoring handbook

editor, Frank R. Burden

(McGraw-Hill handbooks)

McGraw-Hill, c2002

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All the techniques you need in a single source! Environmental Monitoring Handbook helps you with the most pervasive activity in environmental science --taking and analyzing environmental samples from water, air or land. This book explains how to implement the various monitoring techniques for air, water, and soil. Environmental Monitoring Handbook shows you how to get professional answers with the best testing and analysis methods in use today. The Handbook covers such topics as: Data Sampling and Analysis, Statistics, Sampling design, Scale reduction (PCA) Monitoring Program Design and Logistics, Chemical Monitoring, In-situ Measurements, Trace metals, Nutrients, Non Metal Species, Organic Matter, Organic Carbon, Biological Monitoring, and Ecotoxicological Monitoring.


PART 1: WATER Chapter 1: What Quality Guidelines (Barry T. Hart) Chapter 2: Design of Water Quality Monitoring Programs (William A. Maher and Graeme Batley) Chapter 3: In-Situ Measurement of Physicochemical Water Quality Parameters (Ian D. McKelvie) Chapter 4: Water Quality Assessment by Algal Monitoring (Martyn Kelly) Chapter 5: Biological Monitoring and Assessment Using Invertebrates (Ian C. Campbell) Chapter 6: Monitoring of Trace Metals and Metalloids in Natural Waters (Simon C. Apte, Graeme Batley, and William A. Maher) Chapter 7: Analysis of Organic Substances in Natural Water (Andrew Revill) Chapter 8: Environmental Monitoring of Nutrients (Grady Hanrahan, Paulo Gradolinski, Martha Gledhill, and Paul Worsfold) Chapter 9: Biomarker Approaches for Ecotoxicological Biomonitoring at Different Levels of Biological Organization(Richard Handy, Awadhesh Jha, and Michael Depledge) Chapter 10: Inorganic Nonmetallic Substances (Ian D. McKelvie) PART 2: SOILS AND SEDIMENTS Chapter 11: Introduction to Soils and Sediments (Ulrich Forstner) Chapter 12: Soil and Sediment Problems (Ulrich Forstner) Chapter 13: Soil and Sediment Remediation (Ulrich Forstner, Eberhard Beitinger, Frank Tarnowski, Manual Gehrke, Harald Burmeier, and Patrick Jacobs) Chapter 14: Sediment Sampling, Sample Preparation, Grain Size Corrections, and Chemical Criteria (Ulrich Forstner) Chapter 15: Sediment Physical Parameters and Techniques (Alex Zeman and Timothy Patterson) Chapter 16: Sediments and Soils: Integrated Process Studies (Ulrich Forstner) Chapter 17: Sediment and Soil Quality Criteria (Wolfgang Ahlf, Thomas Braunbeck, Susanne Heise, and Henner Hollert) PART 3: ATMOSPHERE Chapter 18: Surface-Atmosphere Exchanges of Chemical Compounds and Global Change (Guy Brasseur, Timothy Bates, and Claire Granier) Chapter 19: Automated Weather Observation for Environmental Monitoring (Janne Rinne) Chapter 20: Tethered-Balloon Profiling for Boundary Layer Atmospheric Chemistry (Jim Greenberg and Alex Guenther) Chapter 21: Sampling of Atmospheric Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with Sorbent Tubes and Their Analysis by GC-MS (Paolo Ciccioli, Enzo Brancaleoni, Massimilliano Frattoni, and Christophe Maris) Chapter 22: Aerosol Sampling and Analysis (Paulo Artaxo) Chapter 23: Deposition from the Atmosphere (Stanislaw Cieslik) Chapter 24: Trace Gas Emission Measurements (Alex Guenther) PART 4: DATA ANALYSIS Chapter 25: Introduction to Data Analysis (Frank R. Burden) Chapter 26: Chemometric Tools and Techniques in Environmental Monitoring (Mike J. Adams) Chapter 27: Time-Series Analysis (Richard G. Brereton)

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