Critical voices in school reform : students living through change


    • Rubin, Beth C.
    • Silva, Elena M.


Critical voices in school reform : students living through change

edited by Beth C. Rubin and Elena M. Silva

RoutledgeFalmer, 2003

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School reform of one kind or another is a priority for education systems the world over. Yet the voices of students - those most affected by, and most pivotal to, the success or failure of any program of school reform - are rarely heard on this topic. This is the first book to look at school reform from the perspective of the students. The studies included in this collection focus on reform initiatives aimed at overcoming persistent patterns of racial, class and gender inequality. The authors combine the theoretical aspects of research with its practical applications, making this an invaluable resource for teacher educators, classroom practitioners, researchers and policymakers. Critical Voices in School Reform: Students Living Through Change is divided into two parts. Part one describes and analyses programs of reform that turned out contrary to the intentions of adult reformers, illustrating the - often unspoken - tension between adult and student perspectives on school change. Part two looks at reform initiatives that were able to harness student energies and thereby improve pupils' engagement with school life. These reforms, which are finely attuned to the needs and interests of students, offer clear, valuable guidance to those trying to create more equitable school experiences. A concluding chapter draws together the themes and insights gained from looking at school reform through a student-centred lens and offers suggestions for more relevant and lasting reform.


Introduction. Missing voices: Listening to Students' Experiences with School Reform E. M. Silva & B. C. Rubin Part 1. Difficult Endeavors: The Lived Complexities of School Reform 1. Struggling for Inclusion: A Case Study of Students as Reform Partners E. M. Silva 2. On Different Tracks: Students Living Detracking Reform at a Diverse Urban High School B. C. Rubin 3. 'There's not really discussion happening': Students' Experiences of Identity-Based Curricular Reform A. P. Rodriguez 4. Constructing and Resisting a Theory of Difference: Student Experiences in California's Single Gender Academies E. L. Wood 5. Helping, Bluffing and Doing Portfolios in a High School Geometry Class I. S. Horn Part 2. Deliberate Aims: Putting Students at the Center of Reform 6. Apprenticing Urban Youth as Critical Researchers: Implications for Increasing Equity and Access in Diverse Urban Schools A. Collatos & E. Morrell 7. 'Here it's more like your house': The Proliferation of Authentic Caring as School Reform at El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice A. De Jesus 8. The Color Line in Student Achievement: How Can Small Learning Communities Make a Difference J. Yonemura Wing 9. 'We have a motion on the floor': Montclair High School and the Civics and Government Institute D. l. Keiser and S. Stein 10. 'I'm not getting any F's': What 'At-risk' Students Say About the Support They Need B. C. Rubin Conclusion The Dilemmas and Possibilities of Student-Centered School Reform Research B. C. Rubin & E. M. Silva

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