Japan's foreign policy maturation : a quest for normalcy


    • Cooney, Kevin J.


Japan's foreign policy maturation : a quest for normalcy

Kevin J. Cooney

(A Routledge series)(East Asia : history, politics, sociology, culture / edited by Edward Beauchamp)

Routledge, 2002

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Bibliography: p. 205-221

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The sudden end of the Cold War took the Japanese foreign policy community by surprise. The Yoshida Doctrine which served Japanese foreign policy so well during the Cold War is no longer a viable foreign policy option. This dissertation examines the restructuring of Japanese foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. Through a series of 56 interviews with Japanese foregin policy elites, the changes in Japanese foreign policy are put into the context of the foreign policy literature.


List of Figures List of Acronyms and Terms 1. The Story to be Told and the Puzzle to be Solved 2. The Story of Japan's "Abnormal" Foreign Policy Under Article Nine 3.Realism and Foreign Policy Restructuring Japan 4. Japan's Security Options 5. How Japan Views its Place in the World and The "Myth" of Gaiatsu 6.Where is Japan going? References Appendix A-D

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