The expansion of Elizabethan England



The expansion of Elizabethan England

A.L. Rowse

Palgrave Macmillan, 2003

2nd ed. / [with a new] foreword by Michael Portillo

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Previous ed.: London : Macmillan, 1955

Includes bibliographical footnotes and index



Elizabethan society is arguably the most successful in English history. The adventurers and merchants (as well as the poets and playwrights) of that age are legendary. The subject of this classic study by A.L. Rowse is that society's 'expansion'. Elizabethan society expanded both physically (first into Cornwall, then Ireland, then across the oceans to first contact with Russian, the Canadian North and then the opening up of trade with India and the Far East) and in terms of ideas and influence on international affairs. Rowse argues that in the Elizabethan age we see the beginning of England's huge impact upon the world.


  • Foreword
  • Michael Portillo The Borderlands: The Scottish Borders and Cornwall The Borderlands: Wales Ireland: A Celtic Society in Decline Ireland: Colonisation and Conquest Oceanic Voyages American Colonisation The Sea-Struggle with Spain The Armada and After War on Land: Military Organisation Intervention in the Netherlands The Irish War

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