Limits to power : asymmetric dependence and Japanese foreign aid policy


Limits to power : asymmetric dependence and Japanese foreign aid policy

Akitoshi Miyashita

(Studies of modern Japan)

Lexington Books, c2003

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 201-220) and index



Why does the Japanese government often alter its course of action under pressure from the United States, even when doing so apparently undermines Japan's own interests? Japan's marked responsiveness to U.S. preferences regarding foreign aid policy appears counterintuitive, since Japan's demonstrated capability to donate funds rivals and has previously surpassed that of the U.S. In Limits to Power, Akitoshi Miyashita posits that Japan's deference to the will of the U.S. results from Japan's continuing role as the more dependent partner in the two countries' interdependent diplomatic and economic relationship. Miyashita critically reviews the existing literature on Japanese foreign aid, then tests his own argument against five case studies. After analyzing critical junctures in Japan's history of foreign aid to China, Vietnam, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, he concludes that Japan's consistent sway under U.S. opinion reflects an act of will on Japan's part, rather than a lack of coherent policy stemming from bureaucratic politics. Limits to Power boldly challenges current arguments that Japan has successfully distanced itself from "reactive" politics.


Part 1 Puzzle, Theory, and Methodology Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 American Pressure and Japanese Foreign Aid Chapter 4 Gaiatsu and Preferences Part 5 Cases Chapter 6 China: The Tiananmen Square Incident and the Resumption of Yen Loans Chapter 7 Vietnam: Lifting Bilateral and Multilateral Aid Sanctions Chapter 8 Russia: The Retreat from the Linkage Strategy Chapter 9 Iran: The Controversy over the Hydroelectric Power Plant Project Chapter 10 North Korea: The KEDO and the Politics of Burden-Sharing Part 11 Conclusions and Implications Chapter 12 Structural Constraints of Japanese Power Chapter 13 Rethinking the Reactive-Proactive Debate

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