Attracting, educating, and serving remote users through the Web


    • Curtis, Donnelyn


Attracting, educating, and serving remote users through the Web

edited by Donnelyn Curtis

(How-to-do-it manuals for libraries / series editor, Bill Katz, no. 114)

Neal-Schuman, c2002

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Includes bibliographical references and index



It sometimes seems that there is more talk about virtual libraries than there is successful use of them. Remote access service can be extremely effective. Why, then, do these services remain largely underutilized, mismanaged, and misunderstood? Here, ten of the most accomplished professionals in the field guide you step-by-step through their own experience in the development and management of innovative, effective, and popular off-site services you can bring to your own library. This book will also systematically walk you through the steps of attracting and educating users while supporting and measuring their use of your remote resources. Learn what models and mindsets are outdated, how to make your coordinated suite of electronic resources useful and user-friendly, and how to build financial and political support for a library of the future. Part 1 helps you identify and understand remote users needs. Part 2. explores essential services and how to implement them. Part 3 addresses maintaining your infrastructure, analyzing your progress, and continuing to build into the future.

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