Sensors for automotive applications


    • Marek, Jiří, ing


Sensors for automotive applications

edited by J. Marek ... [et al.]

(Sensors applications / series editors, J. Hesse, J.W. Gardner, W. Göpel, v. 4)

Wiley-VCH, c2003

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Includes bibliographical references and index



An international team of experts from the leading companies in this field gives a detailed picture of existing as well as future applications. They discuss in detail current technologies, design and construction concepts, market considerations and commercial developments. Topics covered include vehicle safety, fuel consumption, air conditioning, emergency control, traffic control systems, and electronic guidance using radar and video. Meeting the growing need for comprehensive information on the capabilities, potentials and limitations of modern sensor systems, Sensors Applications is a book series covering the use of sophisticated technologies and materials for the creation of advanced sensors and their implementation in the key areas process monitoring, building control, health care, automobiles, aerospace, environmental technology and household appliances.


Preface to the Series. Foreword. Abbreviations. List of Contributors. 1. Overview (Jiri Marek and Hans Peter Trah). 2. Automotive Sensor Market (Karl Franz Reinhart and atthias. Illing). 3. Measurement Principles: Basic Considerations about Sensing (Hans Peter Trah, et al.). 4. Design Methodology. 5. Technology. 6. Evaluation Circuits. 7. Applications. Subject Index.

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