The elements of political economy


The elements of political economy

Francis Wayland

(History of American thought, . Political economy in nineteenth-century America / selected and introduced by Morgen Witzel ; v. 2)

Thoemmes Press, 2003

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Reprint. Originally published: New York : Leavitt, Load, 1837



The 19th century saw the gradual emergence of a homegrown American school of political economy. Though strongly influenced from Europe, first by the classical economists and later by the German and French Historical Schools, American political economists developed much highly original thought on a variety of subjects including free trade and reciprocity, money and exchange, and the role of economics in creating a better society. The six volumes in this set give a profile of the development of American economic thought, beginning with the journalist and writer Mathew Carey, whose work was radical and argued for reform. Francis Wayland wrote the first widely used textbook of American political economy, a work which was later highly influential in Japan, and was only superseded in the 1860s by Amasa Walker. George Tucker and William Graham Sumner were prominent politicians who used the political stage to advance their own economic ideas. Finally, 19th-century American political economy reaches its apogee with Francis A. Walker, a founding member of the American Economics Association and one of the most widely read writers of his day. This set provides a series of insights into American economic thinking, and into the kinds of issues facing American business leaders, politicians and society as a whole during the years of America's foundation and growth.


Volume 1 [546 pp]: Mathew Carey, "Essays on Political Economy" (1822). Volume 2 [406 pp]: Francis Wayland, "Elements of Political Economy" (1837). Volume 3 [238 pp]: George Tucker, "Political Economy for the People" (1859). Volume 4 [496 pp]: Amasa Walker, "Science of Wealth - A Manual of Political Economy" (1867). Volume 5 [206 pp]: William Graham Sumner, "Problems in Political Economy" (1884) and "Political Economy and Political Science" (1884). Volume 6 [415 pp]: Francis A. Walker, "Political Economy" (1892).

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