Science in everyday life in America


Science in everyday life in America

Greenwood Press, 2002

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v. 2. 1800-1850 -- v. 3. 1851-1899 -- v. 4. 1900-1950




Science and invention have been around since the beginning of time and many exciting scientific discoveries and improvements have been made in America throughout its history. What scientific techniques did the early settlers learn from the Native Americans? What was the conestoga and who invented it? When was the first car invented? Students in both social studies and science classes can find answers to these and other scientific questions in this five-volume set. Entries are arranged alphabetically and provide historical information, such as when and how a scientific discovery or invention was made. Students will learn how science affected the lives of people through the ages, as well as how specific scientific developments from long ago still affect us today. Volume 1: Native America to the First European Settlement Volume 2: 1800-1850 Volume 3: 1851-1899 Volume 4: 1900-1950 Volume 5: 1951-The Present Grade 5


Volume I: Native America to the First European Settlement Volume II: 1800-1850 Volume III: 1851-1899 Volume IV: 1900-1950 Volume V: 1951-The Present

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