Learning activity and development


    • Hedegaard, Mariane
    • Lompscher, Joachim


Learning activity and development

edited by Mariane Hedegaard, Joachim Lompscher

Aarhus University Press, 1999

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Includes bibliograrhical references and index



The idea that children's learning is influenced by economic, political, ecological, cultural and other influences is being focused upon by educators world-wide. The editors of this volume point out that there is a huge amount of scientific knowledge from different disciplines that could be a basis for the necessary changes in teaching and learning both in and out of school, on different educational levels and under different institutional conditions. The editors define learning activity as a special kind of activity directed towards the acquisition of societal knowledge and skills through their individual reproduction by means of special learning actions upon learning objects. Learners can acquire skill and knowledge, they add, only by actively acting with the material according to its substance and structure, and through the co-ordination, communication and co-operation between learners and other people since that is one of the most essential features of learning activity. The book explores how learning proceeds. "Societal forms of thinking and knowledge" considers the interdependency between the societal traditions of production, science, art an public life and personal thinking modes and knowledge. "Teaching, learning activity in theory and practice" explores the relation between content of knowledge, teaching and learning activity. "Social interaction, development of motives and self-evaluation" examines the core aspects of learning activity. "Play, spontaneous learning and teaching" looks into the transition from pre-school to school and the transformation of activities as preconditions for children's learning activity.

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