Greece : the modern sequel : from 1831 to the present


Greece : the modern sequel : from 1831 to the present

John S. Koliopoulos, Thanos M. Veremis

New York University Press, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 372-397) and index



"...Meticulously researched...Thoroughly documented with copious footnotes, a shronology, and extensive bibliography, this work is recommended for academic libraries." -Library Journal Focusing on questions that seek to illuminate vital aspects of the Greek phenomenon, this modern history of Greece is organized around themes such as politics, institutions, society, ideology, foreign policy, geography, and culture. Making clear their predilection for the principles that inspired the founding fathers of the Greek state, Koliopoulos and Veremis juxtapose these principles to contemporary practices, and outline the resulting tensions in Greek society as it enters the new millenium. Challenging established notions and stereotypes that have disfigured Greek history, Greece: A Modern Sequel is meant to encourage a fresh look at the country and its people. In the process, a portrait of a new Greece emerges: modern, diverse, and strong.


Part I. POLITICS AND STATECRAFT 1. A Regime to Suit the Nation 2. Government and People Part II. INSTITUTIONS 3. The Church of Greece 4. The Military 5. Education: The Mighty Greek School Part III. THE ECONOMY Part IV. SOCIETY 7. A Land of Peasants 8. The Search for a Middle Class 9. Migrants, Refugees and the Diaspora 10. Of Heroes and Heroic Deeds 11. Crime and Impunity Part V. IDEOLOGY 12. Shaping the New Nation 13. Demarcating the Past 14. The Return of the Hellenes 15. Of Greeks and Others 16. Europe in Greece Part VI. FOREIGN POLICY 17. Greek Foreign Policy: From Independence to Liberation 18. The Post-War Legacy Part VII. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHY 19. The Frontier and Beyond 20. A Northern Boundary 21. War for Land Part VIII 22. Culture

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