Odyssey of the heart : close relationships in the 21st century


Odyssey of the heart : close relationships in the 21st century

John H. Harvey, Ann L. Weber

L. Erlbaum Associates, 2002

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 245-259) and indexes



Written in a personal, story-telling style, Odyssey weaves excerpts of actual relationships with current and classic research to provide a better perspective on our own experiences in light of the principles of relationships. Highlights of its comprehensive coverage include the classic research on personal attraction, dating and meeting others for closeness, and the maintenance and dissolution of relationships. "Recommendations for Growth" provides an opportunity for readers to directly apply current research and theory to their own relationships. Features new to this edition include the latest research and therapeutic techniques on maintaining and enhancing relationships; a new chapter on the family with recent demographic changes and a look at the ongoing debates about the impact of cohabitation, divorce, and blended families; and new chapters on same sex relationships and the dark side of relationships, including why women stay in abusive relationships. Odyssey of the Heart serves as a text for courses on close and/or interpersonal relationships. Its accessibility and inclusion of many actual experiences will engage the general reader.


Contents: Preface. The Study of Close Relationships in the Early 21st Century. Gender Dialogue. Physical Attraction and Early Dating Dynamics. Sexuality in Close Relationships. Love and Commitment. Maintenance and Enhancement. The Family. Same-Sex Close Relationships. Relationship Violence and the "Dark Side" of Close Relationships. Dissolution of Close Relationships. Grief and Recovery. Passages: Lifespan Relationship Challenges. Relationship Enhancement Through Personal Adjustment and Some Future Directions.

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