Microsoft SharePoint portal server : building knowledge-sharing applications


    • Laahs, Kevin
    • McKenna, Emer
    • Vickers, Don


Microsoft SharePoint portal server : building knowledge-sharing applications

Kevin Laahs, Emer McKenna, Don Vickers

Digital Press, c2002

  • : pbk

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Includes index



Use Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 as a foundation for building knowledge sharing applications. This book details how IT professionals can plan, design and implement web based solutions using Microsoft's Intranet Portal. Written by experts from Compaq, the world's prime integrator of Exchange systems and Microsoft's Partner of the Year, the book illustrates how easy it is to create sophisticated knowledge based applications using SharePoint Portal Server. It provides an excellent overview of the built-in features and functionality of SharePoint Portal Server, and describes how a Portal coordinator can easily customize the product to fit their business needs. The book blends expert instruction, best practices, and project blueprints, and effectively guides readers through the process of creating a knowledge sharing solution using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001.


  • Part I - Introduction to SharePoint Portal Server 2001: Introducing SharePoint
  • Designing a Workspace
  • Information Retrieval
  • Base Features
  • Getting Started
  • Part II- SharePoint Portal Servers' Digital Dashboard Implementation: SPS and the Exchange Store
  • The Digital Dashboard Implementation
  • Customizing the Portal
  • Building Web Parts
  • SPS Tools and Resources
  • Part III - Extending SharePoint Portal Server 2001: Accessing SharePoint Data
  • Store Events
  • Displaying SharePoint Portal Server Data
  • Workflow-enabling Applications
  • Searching Workspaces

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