Walls, fences, and railings



Walls, fences, and railings

C.A. Fortlage, E.T. Phillips

(Landscape construction, V. 1)

Gower, 1992

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Includes bibliographical references(9,199) and index



Landscape Construction Volume 1 deals with elements of landscape construction which are required to provide enclosure, privacy, demarcation of land, shelter and security. The elements discussed include free-standing brick and stone walls, fences, gates and railings. Fittings and finishes are also covered. Each section describes the materials, construction and constraints relevant to the subject and a large number of detailed figures and photographs supplement the text and help to illustrate the more important aspects. There is also a section on preservation treatment and painting. The current British Standard references are included.


  • Part 1 Retaining walls: brick retaining walls
  • crib walling
  • pre-cast concrete retaining walls and revetments. Part 2 Roadways: estate and access roads
  • driveways
  • firepaths and hard standings. Part 3 Carparks: their design and layouts for different uses such as supermarkets, honey pots, offices, and housing schemes. Part 4 Paving: natural stone
  • pre-cast concrete
  • setts
  • cobbles
  • paviours and blocks. Part 5 Steps and ramps. Part 6 Bases for equipment: street furniture
  • play equipment. Part 7 Brick landscape walls as features, dividing and boundary walls. Part 8 Stone walls: natural English and imported stone
  • their wearing qualities and strengths
  • reconstructed walls
  • illustrations of formal and informal stone walls and their appropriate uses
  • dry stone walling, regional types, their use together with illustrations of their construction
  • mortars used in the various types of stonework. Part 9 Small structures: design and construction of simple pergolas
  • seats
  • shelters. Part 10 Fences, gates and barriers: suitable timbers for these purposes
  • suitable foundations
  • metal fencing and railings for ornamental use and security. Part 11 Preservation and decoration. Part 12 Surface water drainage: calculation of catchment areas
  • types of pipes
  • channels
  • gratings
  • the use of French drains and soakaways. Part 13 Electrical services: simple coverage for external lighting. Part 14 Coldwater services. Part 15 Pools: ornamental pools and small domestic swimming pools.

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