Space : technologies, materials, structures


Space : technologies, materials, structures

edited by B.E. Paton

(Welding and allied processes, v. 2)

Taylor & Francis, 2003

[English ed.]


Space: technologies, materials science, structures : collection of scientific papers

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"First published as: Space: technologies, materials science, structures. Collection of scientific papers. Edited by B.E. Paton . Kiev: E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, NAS of Ukraine, 2000. (In Russian)" --T.p. verso

"Translated by S.A. Fomina, I.N. Kutianova, T.K. Vasilenko (English) and M.I. Zykova (German)" --T.p. verso



Investigations in space have been conducted in both manned and unmanned space vehicles. Space: Technologies, Materials and Structures explains the development of hardware and instrumentation designed to operate in the severe conditions of space. For the operation and repair of such vehicles, engineers and scientists must consider a broad range of practical issues, such as the construction and mounting of extended large structures, discussed here using the Mir space station as a case study. Another consideration is the manufacture of permanent joins by welding and brazing, as well as the application of various coatings by thermal evaporation. Astrophysicists, engineers and applied mathematicians will benefit from this volume.


Space technologies are a reality. Space as a processing Environment. Processing environments under microgravity. Ground-based retrofitting. Welding, cutting and brazing of metals. Coating deposition. Melting and solidification. Study of the magnetosphere of the Earth. Large-sized structures in space. Future of space technologies.

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