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Death march : the complete software developer's guide to surviving "Mission Impossible" projects

Edward Yourdon

(Yourdon Press computing series)

Prentice Hall PTR, c1997

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In the course of a career, practically every software developer will encounter several projects that are objectively "doomed to fail." In this best-selling book, now in paperback, Ed Yourdon presents specific techniques for surviving those projects -- and even for helping them succeed, to the extent possible. Yourdon brings his unique technology and management insight to the software development projects that need it most: those "death march" projects that have outrageous staffing, schedule or budget or feature constraints which make them extremely likely to fail. Yourdon shows how to make sure your career survives projects like that -- and how to manage "death march" projects to maximize the chance of success. Yourdon walks step-by-step through the entire project lifecycle, starting with up-front negotiation. He presents never-before-published, specific tips and techniques will ring true to any developer or manager faced with the impossible. For all developers, IT professionals, and managers.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction. Death March Defined. Categories of Death March Projects. Why Do Death March Projects Happen? Why Do People Participate in Death March Projects? Summary. 2. Politics. Identifying the Political "Players" Involved in the Project. Determining the Basic Nature of the Project. Identifying the Levels of Commitment of Project Participants. Summary. 3. Negotiations. Rational Negotiations. Identifying Acceptable Trade-offs. Negotiating Games. Negotiating Strategies. What to Do When Negotiating Fails. 4. People in Death March Projects. Hiring and Staffing Issues. Loyalty, Commitment, Motivation, and Rewards. The Importance of Communication. Team-Building Issues. Workplace Conditions for Death March Projects. Summary. 5. Processes. The Concept of "Triage". The Importance of Requirements Management. SEI, ISO-9000, and Formal vs Informal Processes. "Good Enough" Software. Best Practices and Worst Practices. The "Daily Build" Concept. Risk Management. Summary. 6. Tools and Technology. The Minimal Toolset. Tools and Process. The Risks of Choosing New Tools. Summary. 7. Death March as a Way of Life. Why Would Death March Projects Become the Norm? Establishing a Death March "Culture". Death March Training. The Concept of "War Games". Summary. Index.

: hardcover ISBN 9780137483105


74831-9 The complete software developer's guide to surviving projects that are "doomed to fail." In the course of a career, practically every software developer and manager will encounter projects with outrageous staffing, scheduling, budgeting, or feature constraints: projects that seem destined to fail. In the wake of re-engineering, such "Death March" projects have become a way of life in many organizations. *Surviving projects that are "doomed to fail" ! *Negotiating the best deal up-front. *Managing people and setting priorities. *Choosing tools and technologies. *When it's time to walk away. Now, best-selling author Edward Yourdon brings his unique technology and management insights to the worst IS projects, showing how to maximize your chances of success-and, if nothing else, how to make sure your career survives them. Yourdon walks step-by-step through the entire project life cycle, showing both managers and developers how to deal with the politics of "Death March" projects-and how to make the most of the available resources, including people, tools, processes, and technology.Learn how to negotiate for the flexibility you need, how to set priorities that make sense-and when to simply walk away. Discover how to recognize the tell-tale signs of a "Death March" project-or an organization that breeds them. If you've ever been asked to do the impossible, Death March is the book you've been waiting for.

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