Rituals of mediation : international politics and social meaning



Rituals of mediation : international politics and social meaning

François Debrix and Cynthia Weber, Editors

University of Minnesota Press, c2003

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A timely consideration of the meaning of transnational cultural interactions today. In an era of increasing globalization, the cultural and the international have borders as permeable as most nations'--and an understanding of one requires making sense of the other. Foregrounding the role of mediation--understood here as a site of representation, transformation, and pluralization--the authors engage two specific questions: How might we make theoretical and practical sense of transnational cultural interactions? And how are we to understand the ways in which the sites of mediation represent, transform, and remediate internationals? Accordingly, the authors consider international issues like security, development, political activism, and the war against terrorism through the lens of cultural practices such as traveling through airports, exhibiting art and photography, logging on to the Internet, and spinning news stories.

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