Counselling young people in school



Counselling young people in school

Guðrún Helga Sederholm ; translated by Anna Yates

Jessica Kingsley, 2003


Ráðgjöf í skólum : handbók í félagsráðgjöf og námsráðgjöf

Counselling young people in school : a handbook on social work and student counselling

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Includes bibliographical references and index

Originally published: Reykjavík : Háskólaútgáfan, 1999

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In this practical and imaginative guide to counselling school-age young people Gudrun Sederholm draws on her 33 years' experience of working as a teacher, educational counsellor and education policy advisor. She discusses methods that she has found to be effective in dealing with the concerns that students bring to school counsellors, such as exam choices, managing homework, school leaving and choosing a career, or emotional issues such as family communication difficulties, eating disorders, depression, sexuality, pregnancy, long-term illness and drug use. She also gives guidance for professionals on studying, training and supervision, and on how to build relationships with teachers and parents. A parent herself and the writer of books for children, Gudrun Sederholm's insight and understanding provides guidance and inspiration to professionals - as well as to parents themselves - seeking to connect with and support young people.


Introduction. 1. Study Counselling. 2. Personal Counselling. 3. Counselling and the Wider Social Community 4. Other Roles and Responsibilities of the School Counsellor. Bibliography. Index.

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