The complete book of Middleware


    • Myerson, Judith M.


The complete book of Middleware

Judith M. Myerson

Auerbach Publications, c2002

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The challenges of designing, building, and maintaining large-scale, distributed enterprise systems are truly daunting. Written for all IT professionals, The Complete Book of Middleware will aid in resolving new business objectives, new technologies, and vendor disputes. This book focuses on the essential principles and priorities of system design and emphasizes the new requirements brought forward by the rise of e-commerce and distributed integrated systems. This reference highlights the changes to middleware technologies and standards. It offers a concise overview of middleware technology alternatives and distributed systems. Many increasingly complex examples are incorporated throughout and the book concludes with guidelines on the practice of IT architecture. Performance considerations such as caching and monitoring are reviewed and the appendix includes middleware resources and new modeling standards. The scope includes traditional middleware and also next-generation techniques that serve to glue disparate systems in the ever-expanding world of distributed network systems. Provided with concepts, principles, and alternatives discussed in The Complete Book of Middleware, systems architects, systems analysts, systems designers, systems developers, and programmers, can proceed with greater confidence in designing complex enterprise systems.


INTRODUCTION DISTRIBUTED TRANSACTION AND MESSAGING MIDDLEWARE Remote Procedure Call Microsoft Messaging Queuing Distributed Processing Middleware IBM MQSeries OBJECT-ORIENTED MIDDLEWARE: CORBA 3 Introduction CORBA Release Summary Organizational Structure What Is New? CORBA CORBA Object Services Other Supporting Facilities OMG Technology Committee Work-in-Progress Status Modeling Specifications MICROSOFT'S STUFF Introduction .NET Architecture Open.Net SOAP Microsoft Transaction Server MSMQ in Windows XP Windows 2000 Datacenter Windows 2000 Advanced Server Windows 2000 Family Management Services Microsoft Management Strategy EVER-EXPANDING JAVA WORLD Introduction Enterprise JavaBeans Java 2 Enterprise Edition Java Messaging Service Java Naming and Directory Interface Java Media Framework Java APIs: XML Messaging, XML Parsing, and Data Binding JXTA Project JavaSpaces and Jini Technologies WEB SERVICES: HOT STUFF Introduction Web Services Third-Party Tools DATABASE MIDDLEWARE AND OTHER STUFF Introduction Data-Level Integration DBMS/SQL Middleware Java-Based Database Middleware XML-Enabled Databases Web Services-Enabled Database Middleware Windows Telephony with TAPI HTTPR BRIDGING THE GAP Introduction Bridging COBOL to Enterprise Java Beans Wireless Access Protocol: Accessing Oracle XML: Its Role in TCP/IP Presentation Layer (Layer 6) XML Schemas MIDDLEWARE PERFORMANCE Introduction IP Traffic Performance Service Level Management Communications Paradigms and Tools Other Performance Tools Middleware Selection WHAT LIES AHEAD? Introduction Middleware Hierarchy Emerging Internet Standards Interoperability Performance Tools Service Levels GLOSSARY ABOUT THE AUTHOR INDEX

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