Advances in 3G enhanced technologies for wireless communications


    • Wang, Jiangzhou
    • Ng, Tung-Sang


Advances in 3G enhanced technologies for wireless communications

Jiangzhou Wang, Tung-Sang Ng, editors

(The Artech House mobile communications series)

Artech House, c2002

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Based on selected papers from the Fourth IEEE Workshop on Emerging Technologies in Circuits and Systems--Third Generation (3G) Mobile Technologies and Applications, held Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2000, in Hong Kong

Includes bibliographical references and index



A compilation of the cutting edge work of leading researchers and engineers from major telecommunications firms worldwide, this timely volume describes various technical regimes for implementing third generation (3G) wireless mobile communications systems, and covers the latest enhanced techniques likely to become future standards. Indispensable for both practicing professionals and students alike.


Part I Wideband CDMA for 3G - Wideband CDMA Enhanced Technologies. Capacity Enhancement Technologies in 3GPP Standard. Part II: EDGE for 3G - GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network (GERAN) - Evolution of GSM/EDGE Towards 3G Mobile services. Part III: CDMA2000 for 3G - Peak-to-Average Ratio (PAR) of CDMA. CDMA200 High Rate Packet Data Systems. Part IV: Wireless Internet - IP Mobility Framework for Supporting Wireless and Mobile Internet. Part V: Software Radio - Software Radio: A Prospective Technology for the 4G.

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