Urban and regional prosperity in a globalised new economy


Urban and regional prosperity in a globalised new economy

edited by Roger Sugden, Rita Hartung Cheng and G. Richard Meadows

Edward Elgar, c2003

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Published in association with L'institute (Institute for Industrial Development Policy), Universities of Birmingham (UK), Ferrara (Italy) and Wisconsin-Milwaukee (USA)

This volume comprises papers that were requested from various authors ... at the First and Second L'Institute-Milwaukee Workshop on Urban and Regional Prosperity in a Globalised Economy

Includes bibliographical references and index



There is currently a popular view that the world is undergoing profound changes in the fundamental relationships upon which it is organised. In particular, there is widespread talk of a 'globalised' economy, facilitated by and associated with 'new' technologies and practices. There is a further consensus that within this 'globalised', 'new' economy, regionalisation in some form is important. The aim of this volume is to address these topical issues, presenting perspectives from which they can be analysed and exploring specific aspects in greater detail.The contributors provide a framework for understanding current trends, and suggest approaches that highlight appropriate ways forward in the context of both opportunities and dangers. In doing so, they discuss specific cases and explore detailed policy possibilities, including the prospect of stimulating change through multinational engagement and debate. The rigorous analysis and coherent nature of the book will ensure its appeal to researchers and scholars across a wide range of disciplines and topics, including industrial economics, regional science and globalisation.


Contents: Foreword Preface Urban and Regional Prosperity in a Globalised New Economy: An Overview 1. Economic 'Prosperity' and 'Globalisation': An Agenda and Perspective 2. The Problem of Regional 'Hollowing Out' in Japan: Lessons for Regional Industrial Policy 3. Regional Prosperity in a Globalised Economy: Evidence from Mexico 4. Economic Activity, Market Structure and Public Policy 5. Notes on Labour Market Flexibility: Questions for the New Economy 6. Antitrust Issues: Global Cartels, Competition Law and the New Economy 7. Economic Gains from Regional Concentration of Business Operations 8. Why Do Biotechnology Firms Cluster? Some Possible Explanations 9. Industrial Clusters and Districts in the New Economy: Some Perspectives and Cases 10. The Global Economy and Manufacturing: The Case of Wisconsin 11. Reflections on a University's Role in Regional Economic Development 12. International Perspectives on the Prosperity of a Region: A Personal Reflection Index

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