Globalisation, economic development and the role of the state


Globalisation, economic development and the role of the state

Ha-Joon Chang

Zed Books , Third World Network (TWN) , Distributed exclusively in the US on behalf of Zed Books by Palgrave, c2003

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The role of the state in the economy has always been a controversial issue in public debate, but it has become more so in the last quarter of a century with the rise of neoliberal thinking that preaches the virtues of unregulated markets and recommends de-regulation, opening-up, and privatisation. This push for a minimal, pro-business state, especially in developing countries, has been further intensified with both the rise of globalisation and the many radical neoliberal 'reforms' implemented, often under pressure from multilateral agencies (such as the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO). In this book, the author highlights the failure of neoliberalism, especially in developing countries, or what he terms 'the intellectual bankruptcy of neoliberalism', which, he believes, 'stems ultimately from its failure to base its discourse on a balanced and sophisticated theory of the inter-relationship between the market, the state, and other institutions'. He also tries to construct a credible alternative theoretical framework to neoliberalism, informed by a balanced understanding of empirical evidence. The issues covered concern a rather wide range of domestic and international policy issues - including trade policy, privatisation, transnational corporations, and intellectual property rights.


Introduction PART I: Theoretical Backgrounds 1. Theories of State Intervention in Historical Perspective 2. State, Institutions, and Structural Change 3. An Institutionalist Perspective on the Role of the State PART II: Domestic Policy Issues 4. The Political Economy of Industrial Policy 5. The Economics and Politics of Regulation 6. Public Enterprises in Developing Countries and Economic Efficiency PART III: Policy Issues in the New Global Context 7. Globalisation, Transnational Corporations, and Economic Development 8. Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Development - Historical Lessons and Emerging Issues 9. Institutional Foundations for Effective Design and Implementation of Selective Trade and Industrial Policies in the Least Developed Countries: Theory and Evidence

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