Cognitive models in language and thought : ideology, metaphors and meanings


Cognitive models in language and thought : ideology, metaphors and meanings

edited by René Dirven, Roslyn Frank, Martin Pütz

(Cognitive linguistics research / editors, René Dirven, Ronald W. Langacker, 24)

Mouton de Gruyter, 2003

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Papers from the 29th International L.A.U.D.-Symposium entitled "The language of socio-political ideologies" held at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Landau, Germany on March 27-29, 2002

Includes bibliographical references and index

ISBN:9783110177923: "Reprint 2012"--Back cover



The volume offers a number of representative papers on cognitive models that are invoked when people deal with questions of social identity, political and economic manipulation, and more general issues such as the genomic discourse. In line with the well-known volume Cultural Models in Language and Thought by Holland and Quinn (1987), the volume shows that Cognitive Linguistics has further explored the idea that we think about social reality in terms of models - 'cognitive/cultural models' or 'folk theories'. As in cultural models, the present volume demonstrates that the technical apparatus of Cognitive Linguistics can be used to analyze the various ways our conception of social reality is shaped by underlying cognitive and/or cultural models or patterns of thought, and also looks into how this is done. The new inroad the volume wants to pursue is the deliberate and explicit orientation towards a cognitive sociolinguistics, or more generally, a cognitive semiotics.


Introduction: Categories, cognitive models and ideologies Rene Dirven, Roslyn M. Frank and Martin Putz Section 1: Cognitive models of linguistic variation Cultural models of linguistic standardization Dirk Geeraerts How to do things with allophones: Linguistic stereotypes as cognitive reference points in social cognition Gitte Kristiansen Section 2: Cognitive models of cultural/social identities Shifting identities in Basque and Western cultural models of Self and Being Roslyn M. Frank Language and ideology in Nigerian cartoons Oyinkan Medubi Three mandates for anti-minority policy expressed in U.S. public discourse metaphors Otto Santa Ana Has the consciousness of modern industrial societies rendered "housewife" no longer a value-free cultural model? Lewis Sego Section 3: Cognitive models as covert ideologies Conceptual metaphor as ideological stylistic means: An exemplary analysis Hans-Georg Wolf and Frank Polzenhagen Metaphor and ideology in the press coverage of telecom corporate consolidations Michael White and Honesto Herrera Section 4: Cognitive models in covert social debates Ideological functions of metaphor: The conceptual metaphors of health and illness in public iscourse Andreas Musolff Genetic roulette: On the cognitive rhetoric of biorisk Craig A. Hamilton Deciphering the human genome: The semantic and ideological foundations of genetic and genomic Discourse Brigitte Nerlich and Robert Dingwall

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