New and critical security and regionalism : beyond the nation state


New and critical security and regionalism : beyond the nation state

edited by James J. Hentz, Morten Bøås

(The international political economy of new regionalisms series)

Ashgate, c2003

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The classical definition of security studies is the study of the threat, use and control of military force. This edited volume challenges the once conventional definition of security and the systemic theories grounded in neorealism and social constructivism. In particular, it addresses the privileged place of the state in traditional security studies. The book also, however, confronts the claim made by the traditional security studies school that expanding the discipline destroys its intellectual coherence. The response rests in Williams and Krause's suggestion that at the heart of much critical theory there must be a new referent and an actor in the "globalizing and fragmenting world." This contribution to the fields of international relations, international security, development studies, and area studies is appropriate for upper undergraduate and graduate in the aforementioned areas.


  • The "New Security Issues" Beyond Bombs and Bullets: Introduction - the theory of security, James J. Hentz
  • Drowning with neglect? - water security in East Asia and the role of Apec, Ian Taylor
  • Humanitarian intervention and peacekeeping as issues for Asia-Pacific security, Derek McDougall
  • Environmental security in Latin America and the Caribbean - development, conflict, and democracy, Jeffrey Stark
  • Towards a political economy of soldiers in business, Wolf-Christian Paes. The Regionalization of International Security: HIV/AIDS and the security sector in the Southern Africa region, Stefan Elbe
  • Civil society and informal regionalism in South Asia - the prospects for peace and human security in the 21st century, Fahimul Quadir
  • Regionalization, refugees and international security - identity, ethnicity, religion and networks, Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran, Kristian Berg Harpviken
  • Security regionalism in Europe and South Asia, Bjorn Hettne
  • "Whose security" comparing security regionalism in West and Southern Africa, Frederik Soderbaum
  • Towards a political economy of regional conflict and co-operation in middle Africa at the start of the 21st century, Timothy M. Shaw
  • Conclusion - the task is always to revise, Morten Boas.

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