Chinese society : change, conflict and resistance


Chinese society : change, conflict and resistance

edited by Elizabeth J. Perry and Mark Selden

(Asia's transformations / edited by Mark Selden)

RoutledgeCurzon, 2003

2nd ed

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1st published: 2000

Includes bibliographical references and index



This introduction to Chinese society uses the themes of resistance and protest to explore the complexity of life in contemporary China. The book draws on perspectives from sociology, anthropology, psychology, history and political science and covers a broad range of issues including women, labour, ethnic conflict and suicide. This new revised edition adds three new chapters on Falun Gong, Christianity and land struggles thus providing a comprehensive resource for both undergraduates and specialists in the field and encouraging the reader to challenge conventional images of contemporary Chinese society.


Introduction: Reform and Resistance in Contemporary China 1. Rights and Resistance: The Changing Contexts of the Dissident Movement 2. The Revolution of Resistance 3. Pathways of Labor Insurgency 4. Contesting Rural Spaces: Land Disputes, Customary Tenure and the State 5. The Externalities of Development: Can New Political Institutions Manage Rural Conflict? 6. Migration, Hukou and Resistance in Reform China 7. Gender, Employment and Women's Resistance 8. Domination, Resistance and Accommodation in China's One-Child Campaign 9. Environmental Protests in Rural China 10. Alter/Native Mongolian Identity: From Nationality to Ethnic Group 11. The New Cybersects: Resistance and Repression in the Reform Era 12. Chinese Christianity: Indigenization and Conflict 13. Suicide as Resistance in Chinese Society

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