Veil politics in liberal democratic states


    • Wingo, Ajume H. (Ajume Hassan)


Veil politics in liberal democratic states

Ajume H. Wingo ; with preface by Jeremy Waldron

(Cambridge studies in philosophy and public policy)

Cambridge University Press, 2003

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 147-152) and index



In this exciting and challenging account of the development and sustainability of the liberal democratic state, Ajume H. Wingo offers a completely new perspective from that provided by political theorists. Such theorists will typically argue for the basic values of liberal democracies by rationally justifying them. This book argues that it is non-rational factors - rhetoric, symbols, traditions - that more often than not provide the real source of motivation. Drawing from both historical and philosophical sources Ajume H. Wingo demonstrates that these 'veils', as he calls them, can play an essential role in a thriving, stable liberal democratic state. This theory of veil politics furnishes a conceptual framework within which we can reassess the role of aesthetics in politics, the nature and function of political myths in liberal democracies, and the value of civic education.


  • 1. Introduction to veil politics
  • 2. History, culture and persons
  • 3. Liberalism and veil politics
  • 4. The art of liberal politics
  • 5. Civic education in a liberal state.

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