The Alfonsine tables of Toledo



The Alfonsine tables of Toledo

by José Chabás and Bernard R. Goldstein

(Archimedes : new studies in the history and philosophy of science and technology, v. 8)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2003

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 307-320) and index



The Alfonsine Tables of Toledo is for historians working in the fields of astronomy, science, the Middle Ages, Spanish and other Romance languages. It is also of interest to scholars interested in the history of Castile, in Castilian-French relations in the Middle Ages and in the history of patronage. It explores the Castilian canons of the Alfonsine Tables and offers a study of their context, language, astronomical content, and diffusion. The Alfonsine Tables of Toledo is unique in that it: includes an edition of a crucial text in history of science; provides an explanation of astronomy as it was practiced in the Middle Ages; presents abundant material on early scientific language in Castilian; presents new material on the diffusion of Alfonsine astronomy in Europe; describes the role of royal patronage of science in a medieval context.


List of Figures. Preface. 1: Introduction. 2: Text. 2.1. Need for a new edition. 2.2. The manuscript. 2.3. The text. 2.4. Transcription criteria. 2.5. A transcription of the Libro de las tables alfonsies. 3: Glossary of technical terms. 4: Astronomical commentary. 5: Context. 6: The legacy of Alfonsine astronomy. 6.1. Introduction. 6.2. The characteristics of Alfonsine astronomy in Paris. 6.3. The astronomers in the Alfonsine tradition in Paris. 6.4. Beyond Paris. Bibliography. Notation. Manuscripts cited. List of parameters. Index.

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