Hayek's journey : the mind of Friedrich Hayek


Hayek's journey : the mind of Friedrich Hayek

Alan Ebenstein

Palgrave Macmillan, 2003

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



While Alan Ebenstein's biography of Friedrich Hayek was the first biography of this major twentieth century thinker, the book itself was not - per se - an intellectual biography. Hayek's Journey will be the follow-up volume that will give readers an in-depth look at the evolution of his thought, the influence of the Austrian School of Economics, the roles of Wittgenstein, Freud and Kant in his thinking; his relationship with Karl Popper, etc. This will become a classic of Hayek scholarship by the author credited with writing the first biography of a man who is now widely-regarded as a seer in relationship to the course of the twentieth century.


Darwinian Evolutionary Theory German Intellectual Background Austrian School of Economics Ludwig von Mises Economic Theory John Maynard Keynes From Economic to Social Thought 'The Abuse and Decline of Knowledge' The Road to Serfdom Epistemological Thought: The Incomplete Revolution The Constitution of Liberty John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx Chicago School of Economics Karl Popper Law, Legislation and Liberty Studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics Additional Biographical Information The Fatal Conceit Later Monetary Thought Carl Menger's Legacy Milton Friedman

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