The Cambridge history of Scandinavia



The Cambridge history of Scandinavia

edited by Knut Helle

Cambridge University Press, 2003-

  • v. 1 : hardback
  • v. 2 : hardback

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Vol. 2: edited by E.I. Kouri and Jens E. Olesen

Contents: v. 1. Prehistory to 1520 -- v. 2. 1520-1870

Bibliography: v. 1, p. 801-844 ; v. 2, p. 1039-1116

Includes indexes



v. 1 : hardback ISBN 9780521472999


This volume presents a comprehensive exposition of both the prehistory and medieval history of the whole of Scandinavia. The first part of the volume surveys the prehistoric and historic Scandinavian landscape and its natural resources, and tells how man took possession of this landscape, adapting culturally to changing natural conditions and developing various types of community throughout the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. The rest - and most substantial part of the volume - deals with the history of Scandinavia from the Viking Age to the end of the Scandinavian Middle Ages (c. 1520). The external Viking expansion opened Scandinavia to European influence to a hitherto unknown degree. A Christian church organisation was established, the first towns came into being, and the unification of the three medieval kingdoms of Scandinavia began, coinciding with the formation of the unique Icelandic 'Free State'.


  • Introduction Knut Helle
  • Part I. The Geography and Prehistory of Scandinavia: 1. The Scandinavian landscape and its resources Ulf Sporrong
  • 2. The Stone and Bronze Ages Ari Siiriainen
  • 3. The Iron Age Bjorn Myhre
  • 4. Languages and ethnic groups Michael Barnes
  • Part II. From Vikings to Kings: 5. The Viking expansion Peter Sawyer
  • 6. Viking culture Else Roesdahl and Preben Meulengracht-Sorensen
  • 7. Scandinavia enters Christian Europe Birgit Sawyer and Peter Sawyer
  • 8. Early political organisation
  • 8(a). Introductory survey Thomas Lindkvist
  • 8(b). The making of the Danish kingdom Inge Skovgaard-Petersen
  • 8(c). The early unification of Norway Claus Krag
  • 8(d). The Norse communities of the western ocean Magnus Stefansson
  • 8(e). Kings and provinces in Sweden Thomas Lindkvist
  • Part III. Material Growth (to c. 1350): 9. Demographic conditions Ole Jorgen Benedictow
  • 10. Rural conditions Eljas Orrman
  • 11. Urbanisation Hans Andersson
  • Part IV. The High Medieval Kingdoms: 12. Towards nationally organised systems of government
  • 12(a). Introductory Survey Knut Helle
  • 12(b). The Danish kingdom
  • consolidation and disintegration Inge Skovgaard-Petersen
  • 12(c). The Norwegian kingdom: succession disputes and consolidation Knut Helle
  • 12(d). Sweden under the dynasty of the Folkungs Herman Schuck
  • 12(e). Growing inter-Scandinavian entanglement Knut Helle
  • 13. Church and Society Eljas Orrman
  • Part V. High and Late Medieval Culture: 14. Ideologies and mentalities Sverre Bagge
  • 15. Literature Lars Loennroth, Vesteinn Olason and Anders Piltz
  • 16. Art and architecture Anna Nilsen
  • 17. Music Ingrid De Geer. Part VI. Late Medieval Society: 18. Population and settlement Jouko Vahtola
  • 19. The condition of the rural population Eljas Orrman
  • 20. The towns Goeran Dahlback
  • 21. The nobility of the late Middle Ages Erik Ulsig
  • 22. Church and clergy Lars Hamre
  • Part VII. Scandinavian Unions (1319-1520): 23. The political system Herman Schuck
  • 24. Inter-Scandinavian relations Jens E. Olesen
  • Conclusion Knut Helle
  • Bibliography
  • Index.

v. 2 : hardback ISBN 9780521473002


Volume 2 of The Cambridge History of Scandinavia provides a comprehensive and authoritative account of the Scandinavian countries from the close of the Middle Ages through to the formation of the nation states in the mid-nineteenth century. Beginning in 1520, the opening chapters of the volume discuss the reformation of the Nordic states and the enormous impact this had on the social structures, cultural identities and traditions of individual countries. With contributions from 38 leading historians, the book charts the major developments that unfolded within this crucial period of Scandinavian history. Chapters address topics such as material growth and the centralisation of power in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as well as the evolution of trade, foreign policy and client states in the eighteenth century. Volume 2 concludes by discussing the new economic and social orders of the nineteenth century in connection with the emergence of the nation states.


  • Introduction E. I. Kouri and Jens E. Olesen
  • Part I: 1. The disintegration of the medieval church Martin Schwartz Lausten
  • 2. Social, political and religious tensions Lars Olof Larsson
  • 3. The Reformation in Denmark, Norway and Iceland Ole Peter Grell
  • 4. The Reformation in Sweden and Finland E. I. Kouri
  • 5. Intellectual currents Ole Peter Grell
  • 6. The crown and the aristocracy in cooperation in Denmark Heikki Ylikangas
  • Part II: 7. Growth and stagnation of population and settlement Eljas Orrman
  • 8. Economic growth and trade Knud J. V. Jespersen
  • 9. Social consequences Knud J. V. Jespersen
  • Part III: 10. The internationalisation of the Baltic market Ake Sandstroem
  • 11. The Dutch and the English in the Baltic, the North Sea, and the Arctic Ole Peter Grell
  • 12. The struggle for supremacy in the Baltic between Denmark-Norway and Sweden, 1563-1721 Jens E. Olesen
  • 13. Militarisation of Scandinavia, 1520-1870 Gunner Lind
  • 14. Colonial empires Erik Gobel
  • 15. The military imperative Leon Jespersen
  • 16. Fiscal and military developments Leon Jespersen
  • 17. From aristocratic regime to absolutism, 1660-82 Leon Jespersen
  • 18. The consolidation of the Nordic states: the Europeanisation of Scandinavia Leon Jespersen
  • 19. Centre and periphery Oystein Rian
  • 20. Religious and social regimentation Ole Peter Grell
  • Part IV: 21. Demography and family, c.1650-1815 Solvi Sogner
  • 22. Economy and social conditions Dan H. Andersen and Jens Chr. V. Johansen
  • 23. Material and popular culture Jens Chr. V. Johansen
  • 24. The situation of the commoners, 1650-1750 Harald Gustafsson
  • 25. Religious and intellectual currents Seppo Salminen
  • 26. Cultural Europeanisation, court culture and aristocratic taste, c.1580-1750 Jorgen Hein
  • 27. Architecture, literature and the arts Allan Ellenius
  • 28. Music at the Danish and Swedish courts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries John Bergsagel
  • 29. Music in Scandinavia in the eighteenth century John Bergsagel
  • Part V: 30. Constitution and politics Panu Pulma
  • 31. Denmark in the Napoleonic Wars, 1807-14 Ole Feldbaek
  • Part VI: 32. The new economic order - Scandinavia between the Congress of Vienna and the Paris Commune Torkel Jansson
  • 33. The demographic transition during the period 1815-70: mortality decline and population growth Solvi Sogner
  • 34. Agricultural development in Scandinavia, c.1800-50 Matti Peltonen
  • 35. Industrial expansion Markku Kuisma
  • Part VII: 36. New social categories in town and country Lars-Arne Norborg
  • 37. Social reactions at different levels Torkel Jansson
  • 38. The beginning of the Great Emigration Lennart Limberg
  • 39. Everyday life Jan Eivind Myhre
  • 40. The education of new groups in society Lars Pettersson
  • 41. Arts, architecture and literature Goran Lindahl
  • 42. Literature Sigurd Aarnes
  • Part VIII: 43. The constitutional situation Torkel Jansson
  • 44. The idea of Scandinavianism Henrik Becker-Christensen
  • 45. The Nordic nation states: the building of the Finnish nation Hannes Saarinen
  • 46. When Denmark became a nation state Vagn Skovgaard-Petersen
  • 47. The Nordic nation states Silvert Langholm
  • 48. Sweden Lars Petersen
  • 49. Iceland, 1800-74: the emergence of the nation state Anna Agnarsdottir
  • Part IX: 50. From the Reformation of states and churches to the formation of nations and civic societies, 1520-1870 E. I. Kouri and Jens E. Olesen
  • Conclusion E. I. Kouri and Jens E. Olesen
  • Select bibliography
  • Index.

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